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Hubstaff’s employee monitoring solution gives valuable insight without putting personal data at risk. See activity and productivity with streamlined dashboards that show where your team is succeeding or struggling.
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Monitor employee computer activity
View apps used and URLs visited by employees
Enable optional screenshotting
Hubstaff remote employee monitoring software

How you can use Hubstaff to monitor employees

Features of the remote employee monitoring software

Monitor employee performance

employee activity rates

Use keyboard and mouse activity tracking data

The software tracks keyboard and mouse activity — but never to obtain sensitive data (no keystroke logging). Instead, it measures the frequency of a user’s mouse and keyboard strokes with activity levels.

Encourage transparency, not micromanagement

The goal of employee monitoring technology is to facilitate open communication and build trust. That’s why Hubstaff’s employee monitoring features are only available when employees are on the clock.

How Hubstaff’s software keeps your data safe

secured screenshots

Storing screenshots

The software stores screenshots via SSL over HTTPS, but they never pass through our server. Users can access all of their tracked data whenever they need to. If your employees need to delete screenshots containing personal data, they can do so anytime.

Lets employees be in full control of their data

Employees decide when to start and stop the timer. They are also in full control of their data and have the option to delete time entries and screenshots.

It’s a complete legal employee monitoring solution

Hubstaff is a legal employee monitoring software that only tracks time, activity, and other data while your employees are working. Unlike some other employee monitoring apps, it does not collect any data when the timer is not running.

Overview of all features of the employee monitoring tool

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Activity levels

Track activity based on keyboard and mouse actions.

Achievement badges

Earn badges for hours worked, activity thresholds, and more.

Website and app usage

Set website and app permissions, and track the tools your workforce uses most.

Optional screenshots

Enable screenshots for a periodic glimpse at each employee’s workload.

Automated timesheets and reporting

Turn tracked time into timesheets and detailed reports with a few simple clicks.

30+ integrations

Integrate Hubstaff with Trello, Asana, Quickbooks, and other software.

William Lipovsky / CEO of First Quarter Finance

Hubstaff has allowed us to know who’s working on what and how much we’re spending. We’re now able to hit goals with greater ease because we can see which projects need more hours or team members.


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