Intelligent Employee Attendance Tracking Software for Every Business

What’s the value of employee attendance tracking software that still requires manual work? Combat forgetfulness, typos, and PTO-related delays with Hubstaff’s automated approach.
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Why choose Hubstaff as your attendance tracking software?

Hubstaff's attendance tracking software has both free and paid options that can replace messy Excel templates, inaccurate paper time cards, and manual tracking systems — but it’s designed to do more than just track hours and attendance.

That’s why over 95,000 customers choose Hubstaff for accurate time tracking data combined with proven productivity features like activity, app and URL usage, screenshots, and idle timeouts. We’re also committed to a feature set intended to help improve the remote employee experience.

Accurate attendance tracking

  • Advanced location, time, or settings-based attendance tracking

  • Shift alerts for late, missed, or abandoned shifts

  • Shift filters and sync with iCal

Smart attendance approvals

  • Per-user timekeeping settings

  • PTO and time off approvals

  • Daily, weekly, or hourly limits

Increased employee and project success

  • Idle time detection

  • Real-time user activity details and achievement badges

  • Company and industry benchmarks that give context to utilization rates

How do you set up attendance tracking software?

  1. Create an account

    Sign up for a Hubstaff plan, create your organization, and invite your employees. Not sure which plan works best for you? Check out a quick comparison guide.

  2. Download the app and start tracking time

    Ditch the paper time cards and download Hubstaff for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, or Google Chrome. Need something more specific? Use our API to build a custom solution.

  3. Visualize employee time and activity

    See real-time employee hours in the online attendance tracking app. Mobile time, desktop time, and manual time are consolidated into one attendance tracking view. Advanced analytics from our Insights platform can help you better understand your employees and organization.

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Who benefits from powerful attendance tracking software?

The best attendance tracking software for employees can provide significant benefits for companies with remote, hybrid, and in-office teams. That’s why Hubstaff provides core benefits for employees, managers, and business owners who need a better understanding of their operations.

3 simple improvements for teams

Industries that use attendance tracking software for employees

  • Startups
  • SaaS companies
  • Field service teams
  • Real estate brokerages and agencies
  • Call center and customer support services
  • E-commerce companies and drop shippers
  • Construction
  • Recruiters and staffing companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • IT and software development companies
  • Professional services and support providers

How different roles win with attendance
tracking software

Team members can sign in to shifts, track hours and breaks, request PTO, and see their schedules on any device, all from an intuitive dashboard.
Managers and team leads
Attendance tracking helps you plan projects to help prevent burnout. Shift scheduling improves project planning and helps you work around PTO requests.
Business owners and HR leaders
Workforce analytics show how teams spend time, help you balance meeting and focus time, and highlight trends that could impact your bottom line.

What integrations do managers and leaders
find useful?

Leaders often integrate Hubstaff with project management software, including Asana and Jira, plus CRM and accounting tools, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Paypal, Wise, and Quickbooks. We offer over 30 direct integrations but also support APIs and other tools that let you make Hubstaff a perfect fit for your specific needs. Choose integrations that help you leverage your data, pay your team, and satisfy customers.

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