Automatic Basecamp 3 time tracking

Link Hubstaff projects to Basecamp 3 projects
View screenshots and activity levels of work done
Track time directly to your Basecamp 3 to-dos
Keep accurate records with reports and timesheets
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Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting
Basecamp browser time tracking

Track time to Basecamp 3 to-dos directly

Chrome browser time tracking
Using Hubstaff's Chrome extension, you can track time to your to-dos without ever leaving Basecamp. Just click the "Start timer" button next to a to-do when you're working on it and the "Stop timer" button when you're done.
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Basecamp 3 time tracking desktop app

Hubstaff's time tracking software for Basecamp 3 works with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. It's also available on iOS and Android devices.

It was designed to work with Basecamp 3 to-do lists and projects.

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basecamp desktop timer
Basecamp 3 time tracking
Track time on to-dos
View activity levels
Take regular screenshots
Easy setup
Select Basecamp 3 integration
Authorize Hubstaff
Link projects and users
Link users
Link all Basecamp 3 users
To-dos sync automatically
View due dates
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Basecamp 3 time tracking with Screenshots and Activity levels

Our lightweight desktop timer records screenshots and activity levels so you can easily keep track of how effectively your team is working. Our Chrome extension allows you to track time to to-dos from the Chrome browser, and our mobile apps allow you to track time to to-dos while on the move.

Basecamp 3 time entries

View the exact time tracked towards your Basecamp 3 to-dos
Hubstaff allows your team to accurately track time towards their Basecamp 3 to-dos. When they're finished working on a to-do, they can mark it as complete within the Hubstaff app.
The time they spent working on the to-do gets written back into Basecamp 3 as a comment so you can easily see when the to-dos were worked on and for how long.
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basecamp time entries
time reporting for basecamp

Detailed reporting

Hubstaff automatically generates detailed reports
Hubstaff's reporting feature allows you to easily view how much time your team members have worked to each of their Basecamp to-dos.
The reports can be organized to show the data in a variety of ways, and they can be exported to a number of formats for easy record keeping.
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Basecamp work notes

Work Notes

Employees can add notes directly in Hubstaff
You will know exactly what your team members are working on through their notes. You can view these notes in Hubstaff reports and with their associated screenshots. You can use these notes internally or give them to clients for invoices.

Sync Basecamp 3 Projects and Users Automatically

OAuth Intregration for Automatic Syncing
Hubstaff time tracking integrates with Basecamp 3 via OAuth. Once you allow the integration you can easily link projects and users from your Basecamp 3 account to your Hubstaff account.
Once you assign a to-do to a user that you have linked, that user will then be able to track time directly to that to-do via their Hubstaff app.
Hubstaff and Basecamp OAuth

We make Basecamp time tracking easy
Time Tracking, Employee Payments, Invoicing

to-do time tracking
To-Do list syncing
Sync your to-dos automatically with Hubstaff and track time directly to them
basecamp 3 project mapping
Link Users and Projects
After a to-do list syncs, assigned users will see their to-dos in their Hubstaff app
setting for manual time entries
Manual Time Adjustments
Allow team members to correct their timesheets by adding, editing, or deleting time manually
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