ShiftPlanning time tracking
  • Track exact time with Hubstaff
  • Enhance time clock with screenshots & activity levels
  • Time automatically exported to ShiftPlanning
  • Runs on Windows, OS X, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, & Android
Integrate Shiftplanning with Hubstaff
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Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting
Precise time tracking for ShiftPlanning
Easy to use desktop software
Hubstaff allows your team members to track their exact time spent working. The software takes screenshots and measures activity levels so you can tell exactly how your team works and which team members are the most effective. All time tracked with the Hubstaff app can be automatically exported to ShiftPlanning so you know when your team members clock in and clock out each day.
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Desktop time tracking
  • Exact time to the second
  • Screenshots and activity levels
  • See how your team works
Reports and timesheets
  • Add or delete time manually
  • Filter and customize report views
  • Download, export, or email reports
Automatic payments
  • Pay your team automatically
  • Have accurate payment records
  • Hubstaff doesn't take any percentage
shiftplanning time tracking details
All your time worked in one place
See Hubstaff and ShiftPlanning time together
ShiftPlanning makes it easy for your team members to clock in and clock out to get an idea of how long they have been working. When time is tracked through Hubstaff, you will see start and stop time as well. Total time worked is automatically exported to ShiftPlanning and will show alongside other time entries. You also can approve, edit, or delete this exported time in ShiftPlanning.
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time tracking and screenshots for shiftplanning
ShiftPlanning screenshots and activity levels
With ShiftPlanning, you are accustomed to getting accurate records of when your team clocks in and clocks out. With Hubstaff, you'll get even more powerful information about how your team is working. You can see up to three screenshots every ten minutes and see how active team members were when tracking time. Your team members can install Hubstaff on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. The mobile apps allow team members to track time as they travel and allow you to see their locations.
You'll love Hubstaff's time tracking
exact shiftplanning time tracking
Precise time
The Hubstaff app is smart enough to only count time when your team is actually working.
Time Tracking Options
Time tracking options
Configure the app to track time based on your company's needs. You can even change the settings by user.
idle time settings
Idle settings
You can set the threshold for when the app stops tracking time and control what happens to the idle time.
Customizable time tracking reports
Powerful reports for ShiftPlanning time
When your team tracks time using the Hubstaff app, you'll not only have that time automatically exported to your ShiftPlanning account, you'll have customizable reports that you can filter based on your needs (by date range, by user, or by project). You can download, export, or email the reports. You'll always have accurate, easy to access, and detailed records of time worked when your team uses Hubstaff.
Internet Monitoring and reports
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