Last updated: 04/20/2024

User pro-ration policy:

Throughout the course of your Hubstaff subscription, you may want to change the number of seats associated with your plan. Here’s how that works out:

Adding users

If you add seats in the middle of an annual plan, you will be charged the prorated fee per seat from the time you added them until the end of the current billing period. 

Example: Let's say you're using a plan that’s $100 per seat when paid annually. If your billing period started in January and you added a new seat halfway through the year, you would owe $50.

Removing users

If you choose to remove members you will have available seats to give new team members at no additional charge.

For example: Let’s say you paid annually to start a plan for 10 users. After a month, you want to remove 2 users from the plan. 2 seats will now be available to give 2 new members at no additional charge.