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Easy project cost management

project budget management

Step 1: Set project budgets

Effective cost management begins with setting smart budgets during the planning phase. Hubstaff's project budgets allow you to set limits based on time or cost.
project budget estimation & control

Step 2: Control your spending

When a project budget is nearing its limit, Hubstaff notifies you so you can make necessary adjustments. Never let underestimated costs break the bank again.
project budget estimation & control

Step 3: Learn and improve

Once you start using Hubstaff, you can easily refer back to time tracked on projects and tasks to make even more accurate estimates in the future.

Never fear going over budget again

Keeping track of time and money spent on a project can become cumbersome as you grow. Instead, automate your cost and time management with Hubstaff. We’ll keep an eye on project costs so you don’t have to lose sleep over lost revenue.
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project budgeting software
project cost management

Set budget maximums

In Hubstaff, you can set a maximum budget and alerts for each project. You’ll be notified as you approach a certain usage, at which point you can adjust it or keep working.

Set weekly limits for your team members

That way, your team knows how much time to dedicate to a project. You can easily override the limit if they need extra time.
weekly limits

Proven project budgeting process

project management cost control software

Pay or bill rate

Determine if the budget should be based on the team’s pay or bill rate.
project cost estimation

Budget start times

Back date a budget if work has already started on it, or start it in the future.
project cost management notifications

Custom notifications

When a project reaches a certain percentage of its budget, you'll be notified.
current project budget status

Current budget status

Easily see where a budget is currently at with the budget meter.
project management budget

Budget details

See details of the budget to know exactly how much has been spent.
time and cost management

Customizable for any business

Ideal for agencies, consultancies, freelancers, and small to medium businesses.

Hubstaff helps with successful project planning

One especially effective approach for project cost management is to use similar projects that you’ve completed in the past as a guide. This is where Hubstaff excels. Using accurate time tracking and setting project budgets will simplify the entire process.

Tired of going over on time and budgets? Try Hubstaff.

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