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Track time and monitor project progress
Calculate billable hours with timesheets
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Job tracking software

How Hubstaff’s job tracking software works

simple job tracker

More than a simple job tracker

Hubstaff is more than a job tracking software — it's a complete workforce management tool. Its helpful features adapt to your work environment, whether you're managing teams in the field or at the office.

Streamline collecting and approving timesheets

Stop chasing employees down for their hours. Hubstaff's project tracking software automatically creates detailed timesheets that show you how many hours workers spent on sites, when they clocked in or out, and the time it took to complete tasks. The timesheets can then be reviewed, approved, and sent on to payroll.

Easily manage your mobile team

Hubstaff simplifies management for teams in the field via the mobile app. Keep track of your team members’ locations using GPS tracking and know exactly when they arrived on site. Time cards are automated with geofencing, and you can improve service delivery by filing work orders and scheduling your members and projects on the fly.

Hubstaff integrations

Streamline job management to maximize productivity

Hubstaff integrates with the Hubstaff Tasks, the Agile project management tool, which helps you better understand your team's work habits using your time tracking data. Hubstaff Tasks can be customized and adjusted for any industry or sector, including advertising, web development, and construction or field service work. Gantt charts, bug tracking, and Sprint management are among the Agile core features included.

Simplify invoicing and payroll

From budget tracking to invoicing and compiling timesheets, Hubstaff gives you an accurate picture of all your finances. Create invoices for your clients or employers with a few clicks. You can also pay employees quickly with integrations with PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer, and more.

Keep track of project progress and job costing

Keep track of how close your team is to hitting a project's due date or if you are staying on budget. Detailed reporting features help you understand how much time and labor-specific types of projects require.

job tracking and reporting tools

See work happen with reporting tools and job tracking

Improve project planning with reports

Hubstaff project tracking software gives you a clear picture of each job and its costs using 20 different reports. You and your team can track time spent on each task, get up-to-the-minute job and labor costs, and plan resources better.

Manage your team with proof of work tools

Troubleshoot problems and reward hard work with optional screenshots and app and URL tracking. This way, you can manage your team members without the need for constant check-ins and questions. These tools are ideal for managing the projects of remote teams.

The job tracking software your need to improve efficiency

Powerful integrations

Hubstaff gives you more than 30 different app integrations for everything from accounting and payments to project management software.

Job time tracking

Stay on top of your project's budget and streamline workflows with simple time tracking software.


Get up to 18 different reports to better understand how your teams work.


Get notified when employees show up for work, skip a shift, or abandon a shift.

Portfolio management solution

Stay on top of labor costs and hours spent on each task for better project portfolio management.

Automated timesheets

Hubstaff builds timesheets automatically based on your workers' tracked time. No more chasing down timesheets.


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