There’s no substitute for great project management software. However, more managers realize that project management tools that also offer time tracking can potentially improve how they plan work, estimate projects, and bill clients.

These time and project management tools make it incredibly easy for team leaders and managers to keep track of everything without burdening team members with additional work. A whole range of software has been created to help make project management easier and more efficient. Each solution offers a range of features that can help transform the daily life of a project manager.

Because of the sheer number of project management software solutions out there, you might find it hard to decide which one is perfect for your team — that’s why we’ve taken the lead and collected 13 of the best project management software with time tracking.

Table of contents

  1. Hubstaff Tasks
  2. Mavenlink
  3. Replicon
  4. Wrike
  5. ProofHub
  6. Teamwork
  7. ClickUp
  8. Paymo
  9. Trigger
  10. 5pm
  11. Avaza
  12. Dovico

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1. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is a visual drag-and-drop Agile project management software designed to increase team productivity and help you collaborate better as a team. The app streamlines the entire project management process, allowing you to track time and avoid missing deadlines.

Hubstaff Tasks lets managers automate processes, create workflows, and gain visibility into team and project work. You’ll be able to track time to your projects and tasks, set estimates for your tasks, and see the total number of hours you’ve spent on them. This allows you to shift your focus from manually keeping track of time to the project or task.

In other words, less time spent on thinking about what has or hasn’t already been done and more time spent on actually completing tasks.


  • Time tracking: Hubstaff Tasks has a built-in time tracking capability that lets you track hours directly to tasks. See which ones are going according to plan or need adjustments. Simply open up the task you want to work on and hit the start timer button in the side menu.
  • Agile Sprints: Even experienced teams occasionally struggle with staying on top of work, especially if they have multiple projects on their plate. Hubstaff Tasks’s Sprints feature keeps all of your tasks in one accessible location so you don’t lose track of anything. You can assign each task to your current Sprint or to one of two future Sprints — or backlog — based on urgency or importance and track time towards every task in a sprint.
  • Kanban boards: Hubstaff Tasks’s Kanban interface lets you organize tasks in an easy-to-digest and visual form. You’ll know how a project is going and if there are any bottlenecks just by glancing at the Kanban board. The app also lets you move tasks to different project stages with a drag-and-drop mechanism.
  • Custom workflows: There are many reasons a project could fail, but one of the worst ones is “I forgot to assign X to Y.” Hubstaff Tasks’s custom workflows feature lets you move tasks to the right project stage and assign them to the right people in one click.
  • Daily Stand-ups: Stay in the know about your team’s progress with the daily Stand-ups feature. Team members can report what they have accomplished, what they are doing next, and if they’re experiencing any roadblocks. They will also receive email notifications so they don’t forget.
  • Epics: Hubstaff Task’s Epics let you break down big projects into smaller and more manageable sub-tasks. Identify task dependencies, potential bottlenecks, and persons in charge of key tasks to ensure that projects are moving as planned.
  • Roadmap: The Roadmap feature provides you the ultimate bird’s-eye-view of your team’s work. It shows you every ongoing project and task, tracked time, as well as its assignees in Gantt chart form. Visualize projects so you can determine their health and know if adjustments are necessary. You can seamlessly switch from Kanban to Roadmap view.

What makes it different

Unlike several popular project management tools, Hubstaff Tasks was designed not just for project management, but also time tracking and employee scheduling. Its visual interface makes it possible to utilize all of its Agile features without unnecessarily complicated menus and elements. Hubstaff Tasks is easy to jump into whether or not you’ve used a Kanban tool before.

While it already has a handy time tracking feature built into it, it also integrates perfectly with Hubstaff, our time tracking solution with powerful activity monitoring features.

Who it’s for

Thanks to its strong feature set and overall flexibility, Hubstaff Tasks is a great tool for all kinds of teams of various sizes. It’s particularly effective for teams who love Kanban, the Agile methodology, or both.

Hubstaff Tasks remedies several issues that project managers face on a daily basis. Do tasks regularly get lost in the pipeline because they get assigned to the wrong person? Custom workflows will take care of that. Are you spending too much time asking your team about their progress? Hubstaff Tasks has Daily Stand-ups.

What users have to say about it

“Having tried many Project Manager tools, Hubstaff Tasks is the most drop-dead simple to get started with a simple workflow quickly. It has the core features you need to get up & running with a Kanban flow. It’s easy to make a quick board either with a blank template or one of their preset workflows. Very low-friction.”

Eric B.
Graphic Design

“We are users of Hubstaff Tasks for tasks management and it’s extremely useful along with Hubstaff for time tricking. We use them every day and help our team to improve every day.”

Elizabeth S.
Marketing & Advertising


Hubstaff Tasks offers two pricing plans: Free and Premium. Both plans include all of its task management features.

  • Free: $0; up to 5 users, 10 projects, 100 MB of storage per user, limited Epics)
  • Premium: $5/user/month; 5+ users, unlimited projects, 5 GB of storage per user, unlimited Epics, Roadmap view, and more

What’s more, Hubstaff Tasks integrates seamlessly with Hubstaff for more advanced time tracking features.

Track time directly from Hubstaff Tasks

Estimate hours, track time, and see which projects are running over with Hubstaff Tasks.

Try Hubstaff now


Built specifically for agency teams, Mavenlink helps project managers get the best out of their team.

It is a dedicated project management system with time tracking features. Mavenlink allows project managers to gain an in-depth insight into the workings of their teams and the progress of their projects with complex but informative reports and data outputs.


  • Time tracking: Mavenlink lets you track your team’s activity and productivity so you can increase efficiency and minimize time waste.
  • Team collaboration: Mavenlink offers features like chat and file sharing that make it easy to organize your team’s work and make sure that projects are running smoothly.
  • Gantt charts: Zoom out and see how your projects are going, identify potential bottlenecks, and review if budgets are within scope. Plus, you can utilize several filters and switch between multiple chart views for tighter task handling.
  • Accounting: Track employee expenses, set budgets, and receive payments with minimal time and effort. Because of its ability to track changes in real-time, Mavenlink empowers you to control your budget and manage client expectations at a glance.
  • Reporting: Mavenlink has reporting capabilities that allow you to pinpoint tasks that are slowing down your workflow or consuming too many resources. You can also use this to determine if any team members are struggling with productivity so you can step in and help.

What makes it different

One of Mavenlink’s biggest advantages is its large feature set — it offers task management, accounting, and resource planning capabilities in a single package. With that said, if you’re only looking for one or two of the features that Mavenlink comes with, a different app will make more sense.

Who it’s for

Mavenlink is ideal for teams who strongly prefer using a single solution for multiple aspects of business management. If keeping your tool stack as minimal as possible is a priority, Mavenlink will be a good fit for you.

What users have to say about it

“Mavenlink gives me a real-time view of project burn rates, utilization (billable vs. non-billable), and makes the life of a project manager so much easier. Being able to quickly look over all projects to check the burn rates (if it’s green then it’s good; if it’s red then it’s bad) saves me so much time.”

Rachel S.
Marketing & Advertising

“Useful overall, but the more time I spend with it the more I realize it is missing some key functionality that would save a lot of time. It’s much more difficult to update a project in Mavenlink than past systems I’ve used, and I think there are some beneficial tweaks that could be made”

Brendan M.
Management Consulting


Mavenlink offers different pricing plans depending on the features you need and your team size, so you’ll need to get in contact with their sales team.

3. Replicon


As an enterprise-grade project management and time tracking solution that’s made up of multiple products, Replicon is perfect for project managers who oversee large teams.

Built around a cloud-based system with a focus on security, Replicon’s apps work across a whole range of devices so that your team members can track their time and their work anywhere.


  • TimeBill: Replicon TimeBill allows you to capture every billable hour so that projects are fully paid for, and there is no time or resource waste. This feature, supported by comprehensive reports, makes it easy for you to accurately improve project costing by giving you better insights into how your team runs and how long projects take.
  • ProjectTime: Replicon ProjectTime is a project management system that allows you to create multi-level hierarchies, establish project milestones, set budgets and time limits, and get a real-time overview of project progress.
  • Expense: Expense is Replicon’s eponymous timesheet and expense tracking software. It’s a robust solution that lets you create estimates, set client-specific bill rates, and automate tax calculations.
  • TimeOff: Replicon TimeOff is designed to make managing paid time off easier. It lets managers create time-off policies like vacation and sick leaves, set accrual rules, and approve employee requests with zero difficulty.

What makes it different

While Replicon is equipped with solid task management features, it’s focused on efficient and smart client billing. The platform is composed of four different products, each with its own unique purpose. In terms of flexibility and product offerings, Replicon is one of the best enterprise-level tools out there.

Who it’s for

Replicon is ideal for enterprise project managers looking for comprehensive solutions that are suited to large organizations. However, the need for multiple software packages can be off-putting to those looking for a streamlined solution.

What users have to say about it

“Overall quite good. We have not found a product that better fits our needs and the cost is reasonable for the functionality you get.”

Chris K.
Oil & Energy

“After getting into it it is easy and nice to handle, but if someone does not know where to find new settings it can be frustrating.”

Gunda T.
Program Development


  • TimeBill: $60/month for up to 5 users, +$10 per additional user
  • ProjectTime: $18/user/month
  • Expense: $3/user/month
  • TimeOff: $6/user/month
  • 14-day free trial

4. Wrike


Wrike is a great platform that combines project management features with extensive time tracking and collaboration support capabilities. It is used by leading companies around the world, from Amazon to Capgemini.

Wrike has several functionalities that will make every product manager’s life a dream, such as the ​​ability to mention team members, assign them to tasks, and collaborate with them on an ongoing basis.


  • Time tracking: The time tracking features allow you to keep a close eye on how your team members are tackling projects and individual tasks. You can dial resources up or down accordingly and are always informed of every development.
  • Custom dashboards: Wrike’s dashboard gives you a quick overview of how your projects are going, but there’s more to it than that. You can move elements around and add widgets to your liking, allowing for a more personal touch and an easier experience of tracking important project metrics.
  • Real-time newsfeed: See what tasks your team is working on in real-time and get notified every time progress is made. You can also receive notifications when time is tracked to tasks or when a team member comments on them.

What makes it different

Wrike places emphasis on accurately tracking how your team is tackling tasks and projects. One of its unique features is workload charts, which allow you to add “effort points” to tasks depending on their complexity. As a result, you’ll be able to gauge how busy a person is based on the total points from their tasks so you can plan work accordingly.

Who it’s for

Project managers who are looking for a tool that will allow them to closely track how their team is performing while providing good task management capabilities will find a lot of value in Wrike. Its real-time newsfeed, in particular, is extremely useful for teams who approach work in a flexible and fast-paced manner.

What users have to say about it

“Someone on my team brought on Wrike and then left the organization; we tried to use it like our previous “ticketing” system for a few months, but then I was given the opportunity to re-roll it out to our team with some enhancements and additional trainings. Using Wrike as it was intended (project management tool) rather than trying to make it be what we were used to (simple ticketing system for requests) has reduced a huge amount of administrative burden on several people on our team. We work faster, more efficiently, and more collaboratively than ever before.”

Lauren L.
Computer Software

“Wrike is a good overall option, but tends to focus on being an all-in-one solution. Getting other people on-board requires quite a bit of convincing to make it work effectively. Calendars (especially Gantt charts) are especially nicely integrated.”

Bodo S.


  • Free: $0; unlimited users, task management features, activity stream, 2 GB storage space per account
  • Professional: $9.80/user/month; 5 to 200 users, shareable dashboards, Gantt charts, 1 to 2 GB storage per user
  • Business: $24.80/user/month; 5 to 200 users, custom workflows, real-time reports, workload charts, 5 GB storage per user
  • Enterprise: custom pricing; 5+ users, single sign-on, password policies, custom roles, 10 GB storage per user
  • 14-day free trial

5. ProofHub


ProofHub is a popular software solution for project and time management. The software is designed to help growing teams and businesses plan, organize, collaborate, track, and deliver work more efficiently.


  • Kanban boards: Managing tasks in ProofHub is a breeze thanks to its simple yet intuitive Kanban boards. Quickly create new tasks, assign them to team members, and keep them organized with very little difficulty.
  • Proofing: ProofHub lets teams collaborate on documents and files in real-time, as well as create annotations and leave comments for fellow team members. You can also upload, review, and approve file revisions, combining several processes and conversations into a single feature.
  • Chats: Communication in ProofHub is straightforward thanks to its built-in chats feature. Whether it’s to check in on a client or to share project files with a team member, ProofHub eliminates the need to jump onto a separate messaging app — making it significantly easier to stay on top of your communications.

What makes it different

ProofHub takes a collaboration-centered approach to project management, and it does this very well. In addition, ProofHub enables you to integrate with several third-party apps like Freshbooks, Google Calendar, and OneDrive.

Who it’s for

Teams who rely heavily on back-and-forth communication and frequent review processes will hugely benefit from ProofHub’s strong collaboration features. Product managers can save a lot of time overseeing huge projects and tracking progress with ProofHub’s review capabilities as well.

What users have to say about it

“We used ProofHub to manage our midsized projects that involved coordinating tasks and project activities with multiple institutional partners. And ProofHub’s collaborative features came in very handy for practically engaging each other on tasks and tracking progress being made by each party. It also provided all the safety features we needed to collaborate effectively without compromising our proprietary project files.”

Alhassan A.
Nonprofit Organization Management

“Overall, Proof Hub is amazing to keep teams on the same page on the work been done one any giving project and is very inexpensive for small and growing companies. There are some features that would be helpful for Proof Hub to add, like invoicing, budget, and resource management tools. The speed of the page loading is slow and could be worked on.”

Shyanna G.
Marketing & Advertising


Unlike most apps, ProofHub offers flat pricing plans. In other words, the bigger your team size, the more money you’ll save.

  • Essential: $50/month; 40 projects, 15 GB storage, core features
  • ​​Ultimate Control: $99/month; unlimited users, 100 GB storage, all features
  • 14-day free trial

6. Teamwork


Teamwork is a project management app that helps you finish projects on time. It comes with features that help improve the client experience, track your profitability, and more. Teamwork also offers add-ons like help desk, chat, and sales CRM software.


  • Project templates: Teamwork comes with multiple templates that let you hit the ground running. You can select templates for onboarding checklists, product launch plans, bug tracking, and more.
  • Workload management: Get a clear view of your team’s capacity and see if anyone is being overworked or underutilized. This feature makes it easier to maintain a balanced workload across all your projects, as well as prepare for unexpected changes in schedules or deadlines.
  • Profitability reports: Teamwork is equipped with a profitability feature that lets you track how much each project is costing and if it’s within budget. You can also filter by client and set the app to send you an email if you reach a certain percentage of the budget.

What makes it different

In terms of project management features, Teamwork comes with a handful. With Kanban boards, project templates, and workload management capabilities, it’s a versatile tool that also performs profit and budget tracking remarkably well.

Who it’s for

Teamwork is ideal for teams who want a rich workload management and profit tracking experience. The synergy between these two features make it so that project managers can effortlessly switch between handling project schedules at a high level and getting into the nitty-gritty of task organization.

What users have to say about it

“My overall experience is OK since my client requires us to use it within their organization. It’s taking time to get used to it and learning how to use it properly.”

Paulo F.
Marketing & Advertising

“Teamwork excels at tasking and basic project management, but don’t count on it for any company or portfolio insights and/or big picture views. This is a good tool for small teams that worry about pipeline and traffic control but not for large interconnected teams that require account management, efficiency evaluation or budget oversight.”

Sophie A.
Marketing & Advertising


  • Free Forever: $0; basic project management
  • Deliver: ~$14/user/month; 20 project templates, time tracking, teams
  • Grow: ~$25/user/month; 50 project templates, resource scheduling, project time budget
  • Scale: custom pricing; profitability report, unlimited projects, unlimited project templates
  • 30-day free trial

7. ClickUp


ClickUp helps teams better handle work by offering powerful collaboration functionalities along with time tracking and a smooth project management experience. Its intuitive interface, goal tracking, and integrations make it one of the most popular choices for teams across different industries.

ClickUp lets you set project goals and track your team’s progress. You’re not going to miss anything in the app itself, thanks to its intuitive user interface.


  • Task management: With ClickUp, you get a highly collaborative task management suite. You can create task templates and set recurring tasks so you don’t have to waste time on creating new ones repeatedly. You can also communicate with teammates inside tasks, making it easier to stay on the same page.
  • Docs: ClickUp’s Docs feature makes documentation a breeze. Teams can collaborate in real-time on files like process documents and style guides, with the ability to create tasks while doing so.
  • Project imports: ClickUp simplifies the process of switching to a different project management platform. It allows you to import projects from several popular apps like Todoist, Wrike, and Basecamp. In other words, you can forget about having to start from scratch.

What makes it different

ClickUp relies on implementing highly used features well instead of bombarding users with sheer feature count. It has enough features to be helpful in most use cases, but not too much that you don’t know where to begin.

Who it’s for

ClickUp comes with an attractive collection of features that make it a smart all-around choice. However, it addresses a problem that a lot of users face at some point: losing all their data when migrating to a new project management platform. Because of this, ClickUp is rarely matched in terms of the experience of switching apps.

What users have to say about it

“My overall experience with ClickUp is amazing. They have a free forever plan, but if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always upgrade to a paid plan!”

Austin Z.
Broadcast Media

“Overall my experience has been mostly positive. I’ve found it to be very valuable for managing the programme I’m working on. My frustrations have mostly been around bugs (example, issues moving around tasks in a certain order – this is critical for prioritizing, and lack of certain functionality. Slack integration for example is super important for adoption in my organization. While it exists, it doesn’t include the functionality id expect such as when you tag an individual they get a notification. Instead you can simply post info from slack into tasks in ClickUp.”

Lauren G.
Information Technology & Services


  • Free Forever: $0; collaborative docs, Kanban boards, time tracking
  • Unlimited: $9/user/month; Gantt charts, custom fields, resource management
  • Business: $19/user/month; advanced automations, advanced time tracking, workload management
  • Business Plus: $29/user/month; team sharing, custom role creation, custom permissions
  • Enterprise: custom pricing; white labeling, enterprise API, unlimited custom roles

8. Paymo


Paymo comes with a number of project planning and time tracking capabilities that help teams push projects forward. Like with other beloved project management apps, Paymo makes use of Kanban boards to get your to-dos moving.


  • Custom workflows: Workflows allow your projects to have solid structures so nobody loses their way. Paymo lets you do your work without constantly worrying about tasks falling out of place. You’ll know who’s working on what at a glance, and you can group tasks by assignee as well.
  • File proofing: Paymo’s proofing feature lets you review work in the same place team members post it, which saves you a lot of time. You can point out changes, communicate and give feedback, and track every revision in every file — all in one interface.
  • Leave planner: Planning your leaves shouldn’t be complicated, and Paymo sees to that. You’ll be able to see each team member’s days off and avoid roadblocks due to teammates being unavailable.

What makes it different

Paymo is known as an all-round platform, and for good reason: it does the job well. From task management to team scheduling, Paymo lets you perform various business functions without having to leave the app.

Who it’s for

Paymo is for managers who are looking for an app that will help them stay on top of projects and team schedules. Paymo’s features remove the hassle of trying to get everyone involved, allowing you to focus on finishing tasks instead of perpetually watching over them. Its proofing and leave planning features are useful to remote teams in particular.

What users have to say about it

“It was great to set up and easy to use. We can use it outside of Windows which is great as well, the only downfall was inputting all data as no way to import from our previous payroll.”

Tammy Z.

“I’m using Paymo mostly for time tracking, but it is also great to have reports ranging back for years and I love to have all the statistics easily accessible. Paymo has become an invaluable part of my daily business life.”

Csaba M.


  • Free: $0; task views, limited tasks, and project templates
  • Small Office: $11.95/user/month; recurring tasks, unlimited tasks, and project templates
  • Business: $18.95/user/month; employee scheduling, Gantt charts, leave management
  • 15-day free trial

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9. Trigger


Trigger is a project management app with time tracking, invoicing and reporting. Each portal supports an individual activity stream, projects, tasks, timesheets, auto-invoices, and online reporting. This means that you can better separate out client work for teams

Unlike other tools, Trigger doesn’t track which applications or websites your team members are using or visiting. This can be a disadvantage if you are managing remote teams.


  • Time tracking: Trigger offers automatic time tracking features. This means that your employees never have to click more than one button to get going. Timesheets are also generated automatically, so you never have to pull your team away from their work to fill in their hours.
  • Project planning: With Trigger, you can easily assign tasks to team members and stay up-to-date on their progress with frequent updates. On top of that, it’s possible to add clients to your project dashboards, which is a unique transparency feature.
  • Client invoicing: Invoicing is never the most exciting part of any business, but Trigger alleviates this by allowing you to track billable hours to projects and clients. To make things even easier, the app has an Unbilled Invoices view so you don’t miss anything.

What makes it different

Trigger stands out as one of the most transparent and client-friendly apps available in the market. While it doesn’t possess the biggest number of project management features, Trigger is a compact and well-built software that will fulfill your budgeting and invoicing needs with minimal hiccups.

Who it’s for

Trigger was built specifically for consulting teams. It offers a portal for all the work your team does for every client. This is perfect for project managers who look after multiple teams for different clients. Trigger makes it easy to group every bit of information into a centralized location.

What users have to say about it

“Accurate and timely client and contractor billing. Ability to manage project timelines to ensure project completion. Our team enjoys every aspect of this software, and finally, use it every day. Trigger has made my invoicing and contractor payments seamless, allowing me to invoice regularly with a click of a button.”

Adel W.
Management Consulting

“Higher productivity within our teams, greater client satisfaction because they like the transparency Trigger offers, but at the same time we retain control of some information. Fantastic ease of use, and also integration with key software that our team uses – xero/google.”

Sorubi T.


  • Start Up: $0; up to 3 users, project management, time tracking
  • Standard: $11/user/month; unlimited users, invoicing, reports, project templates
  • Premium: $15/user/month; team schedule, customizable dashboards
  • 30-day free trial

10. 5pm


5pm has a range of powerful tools that help you to work better. Its team collaboration features let you share projects, tasks, notes and files, and interactive timelines that let you get a clear overview of projects and your workload.


  • Customizable reports: 5pm’s reporting feature allows you to tailor your experience directly to your needs. You can create various types of reports, use filters and views, and export them to CSV or Excel files.
  • Email integration: The app lets you engage in email conversations with team members from within the app itself, which makes it easier to stay in sync. Even better, 5pm lets you create tasks in the app using emails — it will automatically detect file attachments and task members.
  • Automation: One of 5 pm’s new features, Automation, allows you to automate several task actions in many ways. You can auto-assign tasks based on their current stage, send an email when a task status changes, or close a task when there has been zero activity after a set amount of time.

What makes it different

5pm claims to be one of the easiest project management apps to learn, which a lot of its users agree with. It’s one of the best in terms of customization and also has a social toolbar so that you can see which members of your team are online at any time. You can even chat with them within the app.

Who it’s for

Few apps have an email integration that’s as robust as the one 5pm has, so if emails are an important part of your workflow, this app is a good choice. Support teams will love the ability to close tickets automatically thanks to its Automation feature, which is only one of its many use cases.

What users have to say about it

“I knew about 5pm when I started my own business three years ago because I’d used it at my previous job, and for both businesses, I’ve found it a lifesaver. It makes scheduling, keeping up with jobs, and keeping in touch with the people assigned to jobs easy and even pleasant.”

Jane R.

“Overall, 5pm meets my needs for a simple, yet thorough, task management software.”

Victoria B.
Consumer Services


  • 5 users: $24/month; 10 active projects, 4 GB of file storage
  • 10 users: $36/month; 20 active projects, 10 GB of file storage
  • 20 users: $64/month; 40 active projects, 30 GB of file storage
  • 40 users: $96/month; 80 active projects, 80 GB of file storage
  • Unlimited users: $199/month; unlimited active projects, 150 GB of file storage
  • 14-day free trial

11. Avaza


Avaza provides powerful and easy-to-use tools to assist in running a business. Project managers can take advantage of the drag-and-drop task management (that offers support for estimates and real-time progress), planning tools, and automatic task reminders.

Avaza integrates with email so that your teams are able to collaborate on projects in real-time. Supporting this is a content management system that lets you store documents online for your whole team to access.


  • Time tracking: Avaza lets you track every hour your employees work so that you can bill for full amounts. The features also offer integrated project management so you can see how long tasks are taking and plan accordingly.
  • Resource scheduling: Avaza takes a highly visual and team member-centric approach to resource planning. You’ll be able to see each person’s current and upcoming projects as well as their weekly capacity in timeline form, giving you an idea of their availability right off the bat. In the same window, you can edit the length of the project, move the schedule, or assign it to a different team member with ease.
  • In-depth reports: Tracked time can be exported to in-depth reports that can be used for internal performance reviews or sent to clients for their consideration. You’ll also be able to see project budget statuses, hourly estimates for tasks, and your team’s total billable (and non-billable) hours.

What makes it different

Avaza’s rich feature set behind a simple UI makes it an attractive option for all kinds of project managers. Beyond this, Avaza offers bank-grade security, support for expense tracking and invoicing, and integrations for several leading apps like Zapier and Stripe.

Who it’s for

Avaza offers a wide range of project management features built into a friendly dashboard, which makes it a safe choice for virtually any type of team. If you like doing most of your management work such as scheduling and reporting in a single app, Avaza will get the job done.

What users have to say about it

“An intuitive project management tool that includes all of the important components of project management in a single interface. My experience so far has been very positive.”

Lukasz K.

“I’m the finance director, so while the project management portion is seemingly great, I’m not in love with the invoicing feature.”

Joseph C.
Marketing & Advertising


Compared to other apps, Avaza’s pricing plans are more complicated — you’ll have to pay more for additional users with timesheet, admin, or resource scheduling access. For instance, the Startup plan includes 2 users with timesheet access and 1 user with admin access. Each additional user will cost $7.

  • Free: $0; 1 user with timesheet access, 1 user with admin/invoice access, 1 user with resource scheduling access, 5 users with chat access
  • Startup: $11.95/month; 2 users with timesheet access, 1 user with admin/invoice access, 1 user with resource scheduling access, 5 users with chat access
  • Basic: $23.95/month; 5 users with timesheet access, 2 users with admin/invoice access, 1 user with resource scheduling access, 5 users with chat access
  • Business: $47.95/month; 10 users with timesheet access, 5 users with admin/invoice access, 1 user with resource scheduling access, 5 users with chat access

12. Dovico


Dovico is a leading project management system with time tracking. Dovico Timesheet is offered as a base product with a range of free app add-ons. Its powerful features can help you to track all of your employees and manage large teams.

Dovico is trusted by many large companies. However, its time tracking and project management features are less extensive than other alternatives. Dovico’s time tracking doesn’t have an automated feature. It also doesn’t monitor activity or applications and URL visits, which could prevent you from getting deep insight into how your employees work.


  • Timesheet management: With Dovico, you get more than just a basic timesheet app. You can customize your timesheets to match your business’s specific terminologies, which will simplify future reviews. It also comes with auditing functionality that tracks changes in time entries, which helps in maintaining transparency and accountability.
  • Expense tracking: Dovico supports time and expense tracking, with added functionality that lets you measure billable and non-billable time. Dovico also supports task assignments and has a project dashboard so you can monitor your tasks and projects at a glance.
  • Project alerts: Tracking big projects can get out of hand pretty easily, which Dovico’s project alerts help with. You can set the app to automatically notify you when certain triggers are met so you don’t need to manually keep an eye on all your projects all the time.

What makes it different

While it has project management functionalities, Dovico is a timesheet-first app that is designed to help you accurately track where your team’s time was spent. Its features work together to ensure that you’re making the most of your hours and that you’re handling your projects efficiently.

Who it’s for

Dovico is for teams looking for an app that will let them move tasks forward while keeping a tight grip on their time and resource usage. If resource allocation features are a priority over task management capabilities, Dovico could be the app for you.

What users have to say about it

“My overall experience has been very good. We recently had an upgrade which did cause a few problems at the beginning but the support we received was brilliant. Dedicated support is very important and I would recommend the software because of the support you receive.”

Kaye B.

“Dovico dashboard is not intuitive, in my opinion. You have to be very familiar with the software to know where to navigate from the home screen.”

Erin S.
Government Administration


  • Basic: $8/user/month; time tracking, unlimited projects
  • Professional: $15/user/month; billable rates, expense tracking, audit trail
  • Premium: $21/user/month; resource allocation, employee capacity overview, project resource forecast
  • 30-day free trial

13. Hubstaff + your favorite PM tool


While a lot of the project management apps we mentioned in this list provide good time tracking features, nothing is going to beat an app that’s specifically designed for that purpose. When you pair a great project management tool with a time tracker like Hubstaff, your productivity will skyrocket.

On its own, Hubstaff is a robust tool that streamlines business management processes like productivity tracking, timesheet management, payroll, and invoicing. However, it also integrates with several PM apps well.

Here’s a quick view of all the PM tools that Hubstaff integrates with on its own:

  • Active Collab
  • Asana
  • Breeze
  • ClickUp
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Insightly
  • Jira
  • LiquidPlanner
  • Mavenlink
  • Paymo
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Podio
  • Redbooth
  • Redmine
  • Teamwork Projects
  • Trello
  • Unfuddle
  • Wrike
  • Zoho Projects

By letting you obtain insightful productivity data and automating time-consuming admin tasks while you’re finishing tasks, Hubstaff saves you meaningful amounts of time and money.


  • Time and activity tracking: Hubstaff’s time tracking capabilities are extremely accurate — you’ll know how much time was spent on each task down to the second. It also calculates activity rates and monitors your team’s app and URL usage, which helps you understand their productivity habits.
  • Timesheet approvals: Timesheets are automatically generated as your team tracks time, meaning you can say goodbye to paper time cards. You can easily review, approve, or deny employee timesheets from the Hubstaff dashboard.
  • Geofencing: Hubstaff also offers GPS tracking capabilities that benefit teams in field industries like construction, health care, and real estate. Its geofencing lets crew members automatically start tracking time when they enter a Job site, ensuring that time entries are always correct.
  • Multiple integrations: Project management apps are only one of the many types of software that Hubstaff integrates with. With Hubstaff, you can track time to your tickets on Freshdesk, perform payroll duties on PayPal or Payoneer, or receive Slack notifications when your team starts working.
  • Project budgeting: Constantly worrying about missing project budgets is a waste of time. With Hubstaff, you’ll never have to — just set budget limits for your projects and start tracking. You’ll get notifications as limits are approached, allowing you to make adjustments and stay on top of expenses at all times.
  • Payroll: Spending too much time on managing your team’s payroll? Streamline it with Hubstaff. Once their timesheets are approved, Hubstaff will automatically process the payments. It’s that simple.

What makes it different

Hubstaff’s wide range of features and integrations make it compatible for virtually any team of any size in any industry. It works well both as a standalone or companion app, helping you maintain full control over every aspect of your business. Even better, it does everything with a lightweight app, which means your work is never interrupted.

Who it’s for

Hubstaff is an invaluable tool for office, remote, and field teams thanks to its powerful feature set. It gives you more time to complete projects and grow the business by automating tedious admin tasks. Thanks to its support for integrations, Hubstaff can be easily adopted into existing workflows to further improve efficiency.

What users have to say about it

“Very happy I moved from Time Doctor to Hubstaff. Huge improvements on all areas and a satisfying product to use. The experience is so good that I find myself wanting to stay with Hubstaff regardless of whether my need for time tracking reduces.”

Ewan M.

“We love Hubstaff. Since implementing it we’ve had every employee log in daily to keep track of their time and screen activity whether in the office or at home. No issues with it and we’ve been using it for well over a year now.”

Amanda L.


Hubstaff offers three products, each with its own pricing model.

Hubstaff Time: for time tracking and reporting

  • Time Free: $0; for one user, time tracking and timesheets
  • Time Starter: $7/user/month; reports, 1 integration, per-user settings
  • Time Pro: $10/user/month; unlimited teams, payments, invoices, payroll, budgets

Hubstaff Desk: proof of work and team management

  • Desk Free: $0; for one user, time tracking, timesheets, activity levels
  • Desk Starter: $7/user/month; screenshots, reports, 1 integration
  • Desk Pro: $10/user/month; app & URL tracking, time off & holidays, timesheet approvals

Hubstaff Field: for GPS tracking and field team management

  • Field: $10/user/month; time tracking, work orders, fleet tracking, limited job sites
  • Desk & Field (sale): $10/user/month; all Desk and Field features

Hubstaff also offers customized Enterprise plans that include unlimited job sites, HIPAA compliance, and more. All products offer a 14-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee.

Have you found the right project management and time tracking solution?

Finding a project time tracker can take time, but there’s something out there for every need and budget.

If you know of any other great project management and time tracking solutions, let us know in the comments!

Project management apps comparison

Hubstaff Tasks• Agile Sprints
• Kanban boards
• Custom workflows
• Time tracking
• Daily Stand-ups
• Epics
• Roadmap
• Free: $0
• Premium: $5/user/month
Mavenlink• Chat and file sharing
• Gantt charts
• Accounting
• Time tracking
• Reporting
• Custom pricing
Replicon• Project tracking
• Timesheets
• Expense tracking
• TimeBill: $60/month (5 users) + $10 per additional user
• ProjectTime: $18/user/month
• Expense: $3/user/month
• TimeOff: $6/user/month
Wrike• Custom dashboards
• Time tracking
• Real-time newsfeed
• Free: $0
• Professional: $9.80/user/month
• Business: $24.80/user/month
• Enterprise: custom pricing
ProofHub• Kanban boards
• Proofing
• Chats
• Essential: $50/month
• Ultimate Control: $99/month
Teamwork• Project templates
• Workload management
• Profitability reports
• Free Forever: $0; basic project management
• Deliver: ~$14/user/month
• Grow: ~$25/user/month
• Scale: Custom pricing
ClickUp• Task management
• Docs
• Project imports
• Free Forever: $0
• Unlimited: $9/user/month
• Business: $19/user/month
• Business Plus: $29/user/month
• Enterprise: custom pricing
Paymo• Custom workflows
• File proofing
• Leave planner
• Free: $0
• Small Office: $11.95/user/month
• Business: $18.95/user/month
Trigger• Project planning
• Time tracking
• Client invoicing
• Start Up: $0
• Standard: $11/user/month
• Premium: $15/user/month
5pm• Customizable reports
• Email integration
• Automation
• 5 users: $24/month
• 10 users: $36/month
• 20 users: $64/month
• 40 users: $96/month
• Unlimited users: $199/month
Avaza• Time tracking
• Resource scheduling
• In-depth reports
• Free: $0
• Startup: $11.95/month
• Basic: $23.95/month
• Business: $47.95/month
Dovico• Expense tracking
• Timesheet management
• Project alerts
• Basic: $8/user/month
• Professional: $15/user/month
• Premium: $21/user/month
Hubstaff• Time and activity tracking
• Timesheet approvals
• Geofencing
• Project budgeting
• Payroll
Hubstaff Time:
• Time Free: $0
• Time Starter: $7/user/month
• Time Pro: $10/user/month
Hubstaff Desk:
• Desk Free: $0
• Desk Starter: $7/user/month
• Desk Pro: $10/user/month
Hubstaff Field:
• Field: $10/user/month
• Desk & Field: $10/user/month

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