Employee productivity software for remote teams

Give your team’s productivity a serious boost and get more done with daily
activity scores, time tracking, and detailed reports on what’s been done.

The Easy Way to Measure Employee Productivity

Hubstaff makes it easy to measure employee productivity so you can manage your team and projects more effectively. Determine how long different tasks take to complete and see who is currently available for more work so no one is bogged down or underutilized. Productivity measurement without the hours of data analysis!
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How to increase employee productivity?

Hubstaff's iPhone and Android time tracking app provides you with employee monitoring and mobile time tracking, whether you are using mobile or a Mac, Windows or Linux. Our time logger app is simple to use, lightweight, and runs in the background so you can take care of business without interruption.
Make progress on the correct tasks
Understand what needs to be done
Daily Focus
Remain focused each day
Hubstaff helps companies accomplish all of these items, leading to more efficient workplaces and increased worker productivity

Identify top performing employees in your company

Hubstaff’s productivity software allows you to measure how much an employee works as well as how fast they work. We do this in two ways. Weekly and custom work reports allow you to see when each team member is working, including the exact clock in and clock out times for each day. The productivity measurement tools built in to Hubstaff give businesses the insight to build a more efficient team and to use employees to their fullest potential.
Internet Monitoring and reports
internet monitoring with screenshots

Productivity tools to dig deeper and understand more

Hubstaff helps you improve employee productivity by showing you the applications they use, the URLs they visit, activity rates (how efficient they are), and then screenshots which give a deep understanding of the work they are performing. Tracking activity with Hubstaff software and mobile apps automates productivty measurement for you while also giving the opportunity to dive in to deeper efficiency analysis as well.

Using time worked as a measure of productivity

Let’s face it… a big part of productivity is how many hours a person is working for your company. All else held equal, a person managing to put in a full time work schedule is going to get projects completed faster than an employee who can only work part time. Hubstaff shines here because it’s one of the most accurate time tracking tools on the market. You can tell exactly how much time a person is working as well as if they are spending time on the tasks that management has prioritized.
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Focus on the right priorities

Setting the correct priorities by management is key to increasing efficiency of individual team members. Hubstaff helps businesses understand how much time is being spent on specific tasks and projects, as well as reporting project budgets by cost or hours. Management can also monitor employee engagement levels and computer behaviors that may be affecting productivity so that you can eliminate distractions. Optionally track apps and URLs used while your team works to get even more insight into what they are doing when tracking time to prioritized tasks.

Measure how your team works

Gain a better understanding of how teams work and when they work best. Get clarity into how your business works with detailed overview of what they’ve been up to, what they were working on, and how active they were during those times. The Hubstaff app tracks employees so you don't have to.

Full Featured Employee Productivity Software

Real time reporting
See when someone is currently working or when they are offline in real time
Employee screenshots
See images of exactly what a team member is working on
Employee performance monitoring
Understand how fast team members work and how productive they are with activity rates
Manage priorities
Assign specific tasks to team members to focus team members on the correct work
Improve time management
Help employees improve time management, increasing the efficiency of your team
URL tracking
View and download reports that show the URLs that employees visit
Application tracking
Monitor employee computer behavior and the applications they use
Project tracking
Track time, control budgets to specific projects, and improve project outputs
Task tracking
Track time and generate reports of activity based on specific tasks
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After using Hubstaff, our productivity has nearly tripled for my company.
Matt Callen
Matt callen
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