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how to measure employee productivity

The easy way to measure employee productivity

Assess productivity, manage teams, and track projects with Hubstaff. Determine how long tasks take to complete, and visualize your team’s workload so you can stay ahead of bottlenecks or stalled projects.

Check-in on team productivity on-the-go

Always know what your team is working on with the Hubstaff activity tracker app that’s just a swipe away. Check progress status, activity levels, and who’s working, anytime from anywhere.
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monitor employee productivity from your phone using mobile app

Track time and monitor productivity
with Hubstaff’s simple, lightweight app

Task tracking

Prioritize work
Make sure time is going toward the right tasks with our built-in to-do items. Or, pull in projects and tasks from one of many project management integrations.
employee activity tracking

Optional screenshots

Visualize progress
Track team activity levels and capture work in progress with optional screenshots, app and URL tracking.

In-depth reports

Optimize resources
Improve performance by identifying time-wasting tasks so you can reassign resources to where they need to be.
know how productive your employees are

Simple, precise time tracking

Employees can easily start the Hubstaff time tracker when they begin work on specific tasks, and quickly switch when they move on to other projects. With time tracking apps built to run on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook, as well as mobile apps, you don’t have to worry about vague or inaccurate paper time cards.

Productivity tools to help you work smarter

When you have an accurate record of how time is spent on a task-level, you can easily make improvements to staffing, tools and processes. Time reporting provides smarter insights so you can make the best decisions for your business.
smart tool to measure employee productivity
identify productivity patterns in your organization

Identify productivity trends

Elevate your best team members and inspire the entire organization with an accurate measure of productivity trends over time. Custom reports along with built-in activity metrics provide tangible measurements you can use to record progress and motivate teams to reach goals.

Take productivity to the next level with Hubstaff Tasks

Work productively, keep tasks moving, and collaborate better with our Agile project management platform, Hubstaff Tasks. Get your whole team on the right track with visual Kanban boards, team sprints, detailed tasks, and assigned team members.
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Hubstaff Tasks for productive project management

Nice things our customers say

Absolutely LOVE this software! After using Hubstaff, our productivity has nearly tripled for my company.
Matt Callen
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Streamline payroll

Easy, accurate payroll

Track time. Create invoices. Pay team.
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Location tracking

Location tracking

See routes and arrival times.
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Simple scheduling

Team scheduling

Assign time and work.
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Time tracking

Time tracking

Available for desktop, web, iOS or Android.
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Employee monitoring

Employee monitoring

Optional screenshots, app and URL visits.
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Hubstaff integrations

Hubstaff integrations

Pull in data from your favorite tools.
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Remote teams
Virtual assistants
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