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See which URLs your team visits while working
Broad and detailed views of URLs visited
Monitor time spent at each website
Screenshots and activity levels
Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux
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Dashboard activity
Time tracking
Activity levels
Online timesheets
Automatic payroll
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Employee monitoring software app

Internet monitor with time tracking

Desktop software for remote teams
Hubstaff is an easy to use application for employees’ computers that tracks time, takes random screenshots, and measures activity levels to make running a remote team as simple as possible. It also monitors internet activity when tracking time, so you'll know exactly what they're doing while working.
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Time Tracking
Track time to the second
Activity levels and screenshots
Gauge employees’ productivity
Internet Monitoring
Monitor employee internet usage
See and visit the URLs
Easy to read graphs
Reports and Payroll
Automatic reports for invoicing
Pay your team automatically
Secure data storage
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See URLs at a glance

Graphs show the most visited URLs
The URLs that your team visits while tracking their time are arranged in order of how much time was spent at each URL. You can quickly get an idea about which URLs your team is spending the most time at thanks to the graphs and percentage breakdown.
employee website monitoring
detailed website tracking

Detailed Internet and URL Reports

Hubstaff's detailed Internet and URL reports allow you to see each URL your team member visited when they were tracking time. URLs are arranged by the time they were visited and grouped by domain. You can click a domain to expand the report and see every page visited when your team was working.

URL previews

Get a look at the page visited
When browsing the detailed URL reports, you can click the URL to get a quick preview of the page your team member was looking at while tracking time. You can even visit the URL directly to gain further insight into what your team member did while working.
employee internet monitoring reports
internet monitoring with screenshots

Internet monitoring, screenshots, and activity levels

When your team tracks time, you'll not only see the URLs they visit, you'll also be able to see random screenshots (up to three every ten minutes) and activity levels. With this level of insight, you'll quickly see which of your team members are the most productive and which aren't working effectively.

Automatic and detailed reports

All the information you and your clients need
Hubstaff's automatic reports make it simple to invoice your clients and maintain internal records. Filter the reports by date, user, and project before downloading or emailing them. The reports are always available online so you'll never have to worry about storing records again. When you monitor employee internet activity, you can see websites in the reports as well.
Internet Monitoring and reports
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