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Hubstaff workforce analytics software

Benefits of innovative workforce
analytics software

Automatic timesheets and straightforward time-off approvals
Custom invoices and advanced project budgeting
Efficient project management for improved workflows
how does workforce analytics software work

How does workforce analytics work?

  1. Download a workforce analytics tool

    First, download the Hubstaff app and begin tracking time independently or as a team. Choose between Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. Or, try our Google Chrome extension.

  2. Assess real-time data and reports

    Next, start tracking time and employee performance. Gather employee data like hours worked, website and app usage, and staffing availability. This performance management data leads to more thoughtful decision-making when planning projects and initiatives.

  3. Make data-driven decisions

    Perform data analysis for better talent management. Then use Hubstaff’s reporting features to optimize workflows on future projects. You’ll be able to increase productivity by assigning the right tasks to the right people.

What workforce analytics software
can do for your team

Overview of all Hubstaff employee
analytics features

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Automatic employee payroll and invoices

Track time, bill clients, and send invoices right from Hubstaff. Then, automatically send payments to employees or freelancers based on hours worked during each pay period.

Create employee schedules

Improve your employee experience with a robust scheduling tool. Easily assign team members to shifts and receive automatic alerts for late, missed, and abandoned shifts.

Set custom daily and weekly limits

Set custom time and budget limits. Then enable alerts for specific projects and team members. Create work break policies and initiatives for better work-life balance.

Track project budgets and expenses

Track the hours your team spent on a project against your budgeted pricing. Upload receipts, categorize expenses, and bill to projects or clients.

Create projects

Organize your team’s efforts by creating custom projects. You can add team members and assign Tasks to each project. Then, assign a team lead to manage and oversee the project.

Manage time off and holidays

Get automatic employee headcount data by tracking and managing your team’s holiday and time off requests. Use this information to avoid staffing shortages during holidays.

A simple workforce analytics software solution for improving employee engagement

workforce analytics dashboard

Workforce analytics software combines the power of employee metrics and workforce management strategies. Business leaders can optimize human resource management with the right statistical models and employee data.

Hubstaff provides advanced data collection methods with employee productivity monitoring software that HR managers and team leaders can use to optimize employee scheduling, improve project onboarding, and increase overall outputs.

Use workforce analytics software for:

workforce analytics software uses

Employee productivity

View productivity metrics in Hubstaff's customizable all-in-one dashboard. Activity rates give you productivity benchmarks for your team based on keyboard and mouse usage. Website and app usage and reports round out a people-first approach to productivity.

Achievement badges

Use Hubstaff to set clear expectations for your team with productivity levels and activity goals. Motivate employees with a positive reinforcement methodology that promotes celebrating achievements. Your team will receive badges for hours worked, productivity hot streaks, and other KPIs.

Budgets and job costs

Create budgets, predict project costs, upload receipts, and categorize expenses with Hubstaff. Then, use that data for well-informed project budgets. You’ll be able to identify which projects, apps, and people save you the most time and money.

Where metrics meet morals

Manage your team your way with employee monitoring privacy settings. You’re in control of what metrics matter with customizable permissions for each team member.

  • Screenshots. Hide, blur, or remove screenshots.

  • Apps & URLs. Track apps and URLs, just apps, or disable the feature altogether.

  • Activity. See or hide rates based on employee keyboard and mouse activity.

  • Locations. Enable locations for accurate route tracking or disable them for in-office and remote teams.

  • App & URL blurring (Coming soon). Blur unproductive apps and URLs for enhanced privacy.

Mental health matters

With great power comes great responsibility — and that responsibility is to protect employee well-being. Hubstaff gives remote leaders the features they need to create a culture of trust and transparency, improve retention, and help everyone have their most productive day at work.

Features like Stand-ups, achievement badges, and app and URL usage help managers find the sweet spot between productivity and mental health. Tweak what workforce management metrics Hubstaff tracks to check in on your team, help them achieve their goals, and protect their work-life balance as you see fit.

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