Remote employee time tracking made easy

Hubstaff's remote employee time tracking software makes managing teams easy. Time tracking lets remote teams track time spent on any project, from any place, on any device. Managers can easily see where remote workers spend time and find ways to increase profitability.
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Hubstaff time application
simple time tracking for remote employees

A simple time tracker for remote teams

Hubstaff’s automatic time tracking functionality is great for freelancers and growing remote teams. As soon as you start the time clock, Hubstaff begins generating automated timesheets for streamlined payroll.

Have your employees track time on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. Or track time spent online with the web app or Chrome tracker.

Why choose Hubstaff as your remote employee time tracking solution?

Ditch all your Excel timesheet spreadsheets and use Hubstaff tracker for remote teams instead. Accurate time tracking data helps you track hours more efficiently and gain insights into what your remote employees are working on.

Hubstaff time and attendance tracking

Accurate remote employee time and attendance trackin

Build accurate timesheets with automatic time tracking

Insights into how much time remote employees spend on activities

Get a real-time view of remote work and task management with optional screenshots

Limit work hours to cut down on overtime and reduce burnout

Create notifications for when an employee is approaching their weekly limit

The benefits of remote employee tracking software

setup your remote employee time tracking

How to set up your remote employee time tracking tool

  1. Create a free Hubstaff account

    Sign up for a free plan, set up your company, and invite your team. Or upgrade to a paid plan for advanced features, integrations, and better task management workflows.

  2. Choose your time tracking method and begin tracking time

    Have your remote team pick the time tracking method that works best for them. They can track hours on Mac, PC, iOS, or Android. Or utilize web-based timekeeping methods like the web app or Chrome extension.

  3. View time and activity tracking for employees

    Once you’re set up, you can see and approve timesheets, see activity metrics (optional) and pay your remote team accurately. Each tracking method is aggregated in a single timesheet, whether a mobile device, desktop, or manual.

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Simplify remote employee time tracking with Hubstaff

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What roles use Hubstaff?

Business Owners

Improve your remote team's productivity with automated timesheets. Monitor billable time, generate detailed reports, and make budgeting decisions that benefit the entire organization.


Timesheet approvals are simple. Convert tracked time into automated timesheets seamlessly. Then review time off and manual time entries as needed. Approve each timesheet with just a few clicks.


Track your work hours without using paper timesheets or complicated processes that waste your time. Start and stop the timer with just one click. Then manually add, edit, or delete time as needed.

How remote employee time tracking simplifies team management

Optional screenshots

Optional screenshots with customizable permissions increase visibility for remote teams. Screenshots provide proof of work, supplement timesheet discrepancies, and help to build client trust.

Remote employee metrics

Activity levels calculate the percentage of keyboard strokes and mouse activity over time. View this information and other data right from the Hubstaff dashboard. You’ll be able to gauge productivity and make data-based decisions.

Project cost management

Keep track of project costs based on hours, bill, and pay rates. Set budget limits and get alerts when you're getting close to them. Access over 20+ reports and insights to help you track costs and run a better business.

Simple and straightforward time tracking

Simplify my remote employee time tracking with Hubstaff

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