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Simplify employee shift management

With Hubstaff’s easy staff scheduling
Online scheduling and attendance reporting
Team management with shift planning
Availability and time off requests in one place
Easy clock-in system with time tracking
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Take the guesswork out of shift schedules

Know exactly when and for how long each team member has worked. Hubstaff's shift planning software makes it easy for staff to see when they are working next, from any device.

Manage teams from Hubstaff’s simple
shift scheduling software

Plan shifts

Manage scheduling
Manage employee shifts, plan your team’s schedule, and set weekly hour limits. You’ll have a clear view into shift coverage, while Hubstaff helps keep budgets and work schedules on track.
create schedule and manage shifts

Assign to-dos

Set priorities
Easily create new projects and assign to-dos so your employees know what to work on. Then, receive smart notifications for missed, abandoned, or late shifts.

Track hours

Monitor progress
With desktop, web, and mobile apps, employees can easily clock-in from wherever they are working. From the Hubstaff dashboard, you can see which tasks they’re tackling.

Streamlined reports

Review performance
Dive into your business performance with detailed reports. See what your team accomplished, completed shifts, budget status, and more.

Nice things our customers say

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Online staff scheduling brings transparency, trust, and all the other good stuff.
David Judge
/ OnlineSpecialists
review and approve time off

Time off management, all in one place

Review and approve time off, then plan for it with smart, online employee work scheduling and built-in attendance tracking. Make team management, shift planning, and clocking in simple.

Hubstaff pulls everything together so you can do more

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Time tracking

Time tracking

Easy apps for desktop, web, and mobile.
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Accurate timesheets

Accurate timesheets

Generated from Hubstaff time tracking, or manual entry.
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Simplified payroll

Simplified payroll

Track hours and pay employees with Hubstaff.
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Monitor budgets

Monitor budgets

A high-level overview of budgets with limit alerts.
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Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Evaluate reports and spot trends.
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Quick payments

Quick payments

Create accurate, professional invoices.
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GPS location trackingGPS location tracking

GPS location tracking

Know where work is being done with GPS.
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Auto-start and stop

Auto-start and stop

Create geofences for accurate location-based time tracking.
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Work monitoring

Work monitoring

Optional screenshots, app and URL visits.
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Streamlined employee scheduling for all businesses

employee scheduling for companies of all sizes

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