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remote employee productivity measuring
Activity levels help you identify productivity trends
App and URL tracking captures proof of work
Optional screenshots eliminate disruptive check-ins
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How remote employee monitoring works

  1. Your team downloads the app

    The Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook apps, and the Chrome extension all offer some monitoring features.
  2. Their work time & activities are tracked

    Proof of work features are only working when your team is actively tracking time. They’re in control.
  3. Your team avoids bottlenecks and boosts efficiency

    Detailed reports and the Hubstaff dashboard let you dig into what’s working and where you can improve.

Embrace team transparency for
greater efficiency

  • employee monitoring features
  • app and url tracking
  • screenshot tracking software

How do these features work?

Hubstaff is designed to provide transparency, access to your own data, and control over the apps.

See how tracking works

Identify productivity trends and make data-based decisions

automate tasks for maximum productivity

See trends in productivity levels

Activity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage can illuminate productivity trends over time. Identify high levels and recognize them, or spot potential bottlenecks and check-in.

Use reporting to your advantage

Time and activity data can help you prepare more accurate estimates, budget better, and much more. Dive into your reports and save your most used versions for quick access.

Give your team control

Hubstaff’s guiding principles of transparency, access, and control ensure that your team knows what’s being tracked, has access to all their own data, and can grant app permissions themselves.
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Transparency and control

Know what is being tracked at all times with notifications.

Idle timeout

Reminder to stop or continue tracking once you’re idle.

Manual time entries

Add time manually when you forget to start the timer.

Automated payroll

Set pay rates and issue payments based on time worked.

Easy invoices

Generate detailed invoices based on hours and bill rates.

Automatic reminders

Get alerts reminding you to start tracking time.

Javier Enciso Jr. Founder and President of ENC Construction

Hubstaff has allowed us to know who’s working on what and how much we’re spending. We’re now able to hit goals with greater ease because we can see which projects need more hours or team members.

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