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See work in progress with automatic screenshots
Capture activity levels based on keyboard and mouse usage
Easily export timesheets and reports
Run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook
Download iOS & Android apps for GPS location tracking
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Time tracking
Activity levels
Online timesheets
Automatic payroll
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Advanced reporting
Manual time
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Desktop monitoring for remote teams
Your time is valuable. Focus more on growing your business instead of making sure work is getting done with Hubstaff: an easy application that tracks time, captures random screenshots and URLs, and measures productivity levels for your team.
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Work monitoring
Random Screenshots
Activity percentages
Internet monitoring
Time tracking
Accurate work hours
Easy to start and stop
Manual add or delete time
Automated reports
Customize to suit your needs
Download, export, or email
View by date or user

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internet monitoring with screenshots

Automated screenshots make work tracking a snap

See work in progress and make sure your team is on the right track, all in a matter of clicks. Set random screen capture to once, twice, or three times per 10 minutes. Or, turn the feature off altogether.

Bill and invoice more accurately

Add more details to projects and tasks with timesheet notes
Gain even more clarity when paying teams with work notes. Your team can add notes directly through the app or the online dashboard for you to review.
employee work notes
Internet Monitoring and reports

Optimize the way your business works with powerful reports

Filter reports by team member, date range, or activity
Identify positive trends and areas for improvement by viewing detailed reports in Hubstaff. By seeing how work happens, you’re better suited to estimate projects, plan, and grow in the future.
Easy timesheets
Quickly view daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets so you always know when your team works.
Automatic Timeout
Hubstaff will automatically stop tracking time if your employee stops working.
Modify Tracked Time
Add, edit, or delete time manually anytime you need, and give your employees the ability to do the same.

Frequently asked questions

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Can we turn off the screenshot capture?
A:Yes, of course. Each organization can choose their settings: either to turn it off completely, or to capture screenshots once, twice, or three times per ten minutes.
Does Hubstaff offer a manual time sheet option?
A:Yes, you can allow your employees to enter their work time manually into the time sheets if you want. This is useful for adding time in the past or if time was spent out of the office.
Is the employee monitored in real time?
A:Hubstaff monitors the employee's computer usage as long as they are tracking time with the app. The data that is tracked will be available in your Hubstaff account to view very shortly after it is tracked, but not immediately.

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