An automatic time tracker to keep your team on track

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Start and stop tracking time automatically
Generate detailed timesheets
Employee time tracked on desktop and mobile devices
how automated time tracker works

How automated time tracking works

Streamline time tracking

More than an automatic time tracking app

Idle time detection

Detect when team members aren’t working. You can auto-discard idle time or prompt them to stop or continue tracking.

Manual time entries

Add manual time entries when you forget to track time or perform offline work.

Timesheet approvals

An intuitive workflow to review and approve timesheets to ensure accuracy.

Billable and non-billable time

Mark projects or tasks as billable or non-billable and track time accordingly.

Detailed reports

Review detailed reports to understand how long tasks and projects take to complete.

30+ integrations

Hubstaff integrates with the most popular accounting and invoicing software, as well as a number of project management apps and productivity apps.

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