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Do You Need a DeskTime Alternative?

DeskTime and Hubstaff are excellent time tracking solutions with varying features for making managing remote teams easy. Which one is right for your business? Keep reading to see the two compared side by side and you'll find out why Hubstaff is the best DeskTime alternative.

See how the two services compare

Time Tracking Comparison

DeskTime and Hubstaff take different approaches to remote team management. DeskTime relies on URL monitoring, while Hubstaff shows you exactly what your team members are doing.

Hubstaff vs DeskTime Features

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Activity Levels

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Automatic Payroll

Idle Timeout

Platform Availability

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Screenshots & Payroll

Hubstaff takes automatic and random screenshots while your team works. This shows you exactly what they're working on and how active they were during a given block of time. Hubstaff also has automatic payroll which will save you a lot of time - set it once and rest assured that your team will be compensated each pay period. You'll have more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

DeskTime vs Hubstaff Features


Hubstaff currently integrates with more than 20 project management, help desk, and CRM solutions. What this means is that you can quickly incorporate your existing workflow without needing to worry about separate systems. The integrations allow your team to track time to their tasks and mark them as complete when finished. More integrations are being added all the time. See the current integrations.

Time tracking integrations

The Verdict

Hubstaff is a more powerful and affordable time tracking solution for remote teams. Give it a try and you'll see how much its features and integrations can streamline your workflow.

Simplify Your Time Tracking

"Hubstaff provides for us all the necessary solutions for tracking our team's work and getting paid on time."
Charles Delfs, Calgary, Canada
"Hubstaff helped me triple my income almost immediately."
Jean-Pierre Khoueiri, Miami, Florida
"Hubstaff is the best tool for tracking and managing time that I've ever used."
Afton Negrea, Owner, We Know Social