Computer Monitoring Software

Track app usage during work hours
Monitor employee time spent using each app
Screenshots, activity levels, automatic timesheets
Runs on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android & iOS
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computer monitoring software
Time tracking
Activity levels
Online timesheets
Automatic payroll
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Advanced reporting
Manual time
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Computer monitoring and time tracking

Easy to use desktop software
The Hubstaff app tracks the exact time your team members work, taking screenshots and monitoring activity levels. It also monitors the applications they use and the URLs they browse to whenever they are tracking time, so you know exactly what they are doing whenever they are working. All time tracked through the app is available through the automatic reports online.
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Computer Monitoring
Exact time spent using each app
Graphs show app usage at a glance
See your employees’ performance
Time Tracking
Automatic, precise time tracking
Activity levels and screenshots
Project management integrations
Automatic Payments
Set and forget payments
Optional manual payments
Timesheets, reports and invoices
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Detailed Computer Reports

The detailed application reports show you a complete breakdown of the applications used by each team member during their time tracking. You'll see each application used grouped according to the hour, and you'll be able to see the exact amount of time spent using the app. You can manage your remote team with confidence and get better insight into employees’ behavior when you have data on every application used while working.
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See Apps Used at a Glance

Graphs reveal the most utilized apps
Each app your team members visit when tracking time are shown in order of how long they were used. You'll be able to quickly tell which apps each team member uses when working through the graphs, and you'll also be able to see exactly how much time they spent using them.
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Computer Monitoring with Screenshots

The Hubstaff activity monitor app takes random screenshots every 10 minutes to let you see productivity levels and which team members are the most efficient. The application and URL monitoring, along with the activity log, give you all the information you need to effectively manage any remote team or company computers.
Online timesheets
Accurate timesheets
Hubstaff only tracks time when your team is working, so you just pay for time worked.
Accurate activity
Automatic Timeout
If employee productivity is down due to inactivity, Hubstaff allows the idle time to be discarded.
Random screenshots
Team Settings
Set the app to take 0-3 random screens every 10 minutes, toggle activity levels, and more.

Automatically Generated Reports

Have internal records and invoices for clients
Time tracked in Hubstaff is automatically uploaded and stored so you can access it at any time. Filter the reports to contain the information you or your clients need, then download or email them. You can see employee internet usage and websites visited in the reports as well. Refer back to the reports at any time you need information on time worked.
Internet Monitoring and reports

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Hubstaff spy software?
A:No, Hubstaff does not offer spy or stealth monitoring tools. The employee needs to press the start button on the timer in order for it to track time, websites visited, and computer usage. It can’t be run without their knowledge.
Is Hubstaff a web based monitoring program?
A:The Hubstaff apps that track computer usage and websites visited are programs that your team members will download (they are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux). We also offer apps for the Chrome browser, Chromebooks, iOS, and Android, though they don’t support the computer monitoring. All of the time tracking reports are cloud based and can be viewed from your Hubstaff account online.
Does Hubstaff track real time computer usage?
A:As long as time is being tracked with the Hubstaff app and the settings are enabled, it will track computer usage. The data will be available to check online within 10 - 15 minutes (depending on the workers’ internet connections). It's not real time monitoring, but it is very close.
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