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Work hours tracked using Hubstaff time tracker

Track time so you can focus on your best work

Hubstaff’s employee time tracking software allows your team to track work hours spent on every single project and task. Anyone can easily start and stop the timer from the Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop apps. Your team can also track time directly from Chrome or the Hubstaff web dashboard.

Get detailed timesheets for your whole team

Cut down on your team management time by getting detailed timesheets sent directly to you. Through the Hubstaff dashboard, you can break down everyone’s hours by client, view detailed timesheets, and simplify time management all in the same place.
accurately log time using Hubstaff timesheets app
easy-to-use time tracking apps

Smart time tracking apps

See who’s on the clock and where they are with Hubstaff’s GPS and geofence time tracking apps. Set iOS and Android mobile apps to clock in and out automatically, or send your team reminders, when they enter a job site, so you get accurate timesheets.

One central dashboard for managing
your team and time with ease

Track activity

Improve productivity

Identify roadblocks and inefficiencies with optional screenshots and app and URL recaps. These features are customizable and can be turned off altogether. They’re designed to help users embrace transparency, and gain access to their own data along with control over how the software works.Learn more about productivity features
time spent on project and tasks with activity overview
View locations

Track your team’s attendance

Make sure the work is getting done, and everyone's on track, by recording your entire team’s hours and location all in one place.
Run payroll

Keep track of billable hours

Payroll doesn't need to be complicated. Easily pay your people for their hard work using tracked hours and pay rates.
Set budgets

Budget every task

For any project you create, you can track time to specific tasks, set a budget or hours maximum, and get alerts when you’re reaching limits.

Connect your business apps for smarter time tracking

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Hubstaff integrations
360° view of you entire business

Streamline your entire business

Timesheets, invoicing, and payroll shouldn’t be a time-consuming headache. Track everyone's time, and do so much more, with Hubstaff so that your team can get back to what it does best.
Easy payments

Easy payments

Track time. Send invoices. Pay crews. Done.
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Timesheet approvals

Timesheet approvals

Quickly approve, edit, or reject timesheets automatically.
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Always know what’s happening with daily emails and auto-alerts.
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Time reporting

See all your essential high-level data, easily explained.
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Send clients clear invoices using your timesheet and billing data.
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Budget limits

Budget limits

Set budget limits on any of your projects to keep from going over.
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