Time Tracking Software with Screenshots and Activity Levels

Time tracking activity levels

Activity View

See screenshots of what your team is working on. Set the screenshot frequency to 1x, 2x, or 3x per 10 minute block. Activity levels show how active your team is during the time they work.

Screenshot Blur
You can optionally blur screenshots for HIPAA and PCI compliance or privacy reasons.
Work Notes
Your team can add work notes to explain the work they are doing in each block of time.

Timesheets and Team Payments

Timesheets give you a quick breakdown of what your team is working on and allow you to manage your payments. View what projects were worked on and for how long, and keep track of paid time and unpaid time.

Team Payments
Export billable hours to Quickbooks, Paypal MassPay, or CSV to easily pay your team.
Manual Time
Add and remove time for your team, or give them the ability to modify time themselves.
timesheets and payments for remote teams
automatic time tracking reports

Customizable Reports

Reports of time worked are automatically generated and can be customized to your exact needs. Filter by organization, project, or member, and toggle work notes and activity levels on or off.

Download or Email
Download your custom reports in PDF form or email them to a list of contacts.
Accurate Records
Always have records of time your team has worked and easily refer back to them.


Your organization is where you invite team members, create projects, set pay rates, and set up optional integrations with 3rd party services. Change your organization plan at any time to accommodate more or fewer team members.

User Roles
Workers can be owners, managers, users, or viewers depending on what their role is in your company.
Pay Rates
Configure what your workers will make per hour and have what you owe them automatically calculated.
small business time tracking
task time tracking


Hubstaff integrates with many different services to give you even more control and insight into how your team works and make managing them easier. See the available Hubstaff integrations.

Project Management
Your team can track time to their assigned tasks, tickets, and issues. Time tracked will be viewable in your reports.
Payments and Accounting
Export your team's time worked to streamline payments, accounting, and invoicing.

Lightweight Time Tracking App

Each team member uses the Hubstaff time tracking app. Once they click the start button, it captures their activity levels, random screenshots, and precise time silently in the background. They can configure it to always remain on top of other windows or be minimized and out of their way.

Mac · Windows · Linux · Chromebook · iOS · Android

The Hubstaff app is available for OSX (10.6 Snow Leopard or newer), Windows (2000/XP or newer), Linux (distributions released in 2010 or newer), Chromebook (Google Chrome 46 or newer), iOS (iOS 7.1 or newer), and Android (Android 4.1 or newer).

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