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Hubstaff gives you the full story behind the time and effort being spent on tasks and projects. Keep a pulse on which projects are falling behind schedule and which can be done early.

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Automatic or Manual Time Entries

Hubstaff allows you to add time manually or track time and calculate hours automatically with our top-notch apps (Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome). Individual settings allow managers to control if team members are allowed to enter manual time and more.

Daily, Weekly, and Calendar Views

Easily see how much team members have worked with the daily, weekly, or calendar views and edit their time entries as needed. You can see work time tracked with the apps or added manually, all in one place.

To add, edit, or remove time, simply click a day or a time entry - it's as easy as that.


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Quickly see time worked across projects with the calendar view. Click any entry to edit or view more details, and click an empty time to add a new entry.


timesheet weekly view

The weekly view makes it easy to see employee time each day of the week. You can edit a time entry by clicking on it or click an empty entry to add a new one.


timesheet daily view

The daily view lets you see the exact times work was started and stopped throughout the day (see things like when employees take lunch breaks or rest for a while). Time entries can also can be modified from this view.

Resource and Budget with Precision

Protect your bottom line by keeping each client project on track and on schedule. Automatically associate time against projects and set weekly limits for everyone so that they know how much time to spend working.

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Online Timesheets Your Entire Staff Will Love

Employees and remote staff will smile at how simple it is to use Hubstaff’s online timesheet system. Business owners will appreciate the ability to automate employee pay through PayPal as well as integrations with 30+ solutions to streamline almost everything.

Easily Pay Your Team

Hubstaff includes pay and billable rates so you can easily pay your team for the exact amount of time worked according to their hourly rate. You choose the payment frequency and Hubstaff will do the rest.

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A time card software solution that does the heavy lifting

Manually filling out a time sheet at the end of every week is a chore. Using a manual time card calculator is a little better, but employees are still required to keep accurate records of when they worked. Tracking work in real time is the way to go, whether it’s online time or time spent on the road. Whatever your team's needs are, Hubstaff has you covered.

A lifesaver in an ocean of paper timesheets, sticky notes and other forms of clutter

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With Hubstaff’s timesheets, we’re not drowning in a sea of unorganized sticky notes and handwritten task reminders anymore!


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