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Firefox time tracking

Hubstaff time tracking enables users to track work hours directly from their Firefox browser. From there, users and their managers can see hours worked, activity levels, and earnings in real time. 

Track time to projects and tasks and generate automated timesheets
See real-time productivity insights from the dashboard
Pull detailed reports right from your Firefox browser

Tracking time in Firefox with Hubstaff

  1. Sign up for a free trial

    Open your Firefox browser and head to Then click the free 14-day trial button in the top right corner of the navigation bar to get started. 

  2. Create an account

    Next, create your account by entering your full name, work email, and password. You’ll need to verify your email before getting started.

  3. Start tracking time

    Once signed in, you can start tracking time directly in your Firefox browser. You’ll see real-time productivity insights, earnings, and more in an easy-to-use dashboard. 

Web permissions

Follow our guiding principles of transparency, access, and control with customizable permissions for every member of your team.

Workforce management and time tracking for Firefox

Automatic time tracking

Get simple, intuitive Firefox time tracking at the click of a button. Quickly convert time tracking data to timesheets, invoice clients, and pull reports right from Firefox. 

Manual time entry

Tweak automatic time entries without leaving Firefox. Users can add, remove, or alter time entries and submit them for manager approval. 

Project and Tasks integration

Level up time tracking with project management integrations. Choose from popular tools like Asana,, and Wrike. Or, try our project management add-on Hubstaff Tasks

Idle detection

Ensure employees stay focused on the task at hand with idle timeouts. Tweak timeout settings, permissions, and more in Firefox.


You’re in control with optional screenshots and privacy tools sent to your dashboard. Change the frequency, enable screenshot blur, or disable them altogether. 

Activity levels

See real-time productivity insights right from your Firefox browser. Managers see keyboard and mouse activity, website and app usage, and more for each member of their team from the Hubstaff dashboard. 

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