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Browser Time Tracking Integration

Hubstaff's browser time tracking boosts productivity and guarantees precise payroll with just a few clicks. Ideal for diverse team environments, Hubstaff enhances focus and streamlines operations with real-time data and comprehensive reporting.

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What is browser time tracking?

Browser extension time tracking seamlessly integrates with your web browser, enhancing how you track time directly within your online workflow. After installing, you can effortlessly start and stop the timer with a click, manage projects, and adjust times as needed. Hubstaff simplifies tracking time, provides detailed productivity and time tracking reports, and integrates with other applications, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Chrome time tracking extension

What is online time tracking?

Online time tracking uses cloud-based software to precisely monitor how much time team members spend on tasks and projects. Accessible from any device, our extensions enable efficient management and productivity analysis, ensuring seamless tracking no matter where you are.

Benefits of online time tracking

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Remote work compatibility

Standardizes time tracking practices for remote teams.

User-friendly design

Intuitive interfaces allow anyone to track time easily, streamlining workflows.

Seamless integrations

Connects with essential project management tools, CRMs, and payroll to automate data flows and minimize errors.

Data-driven insights

Generates reports to analyze time use, spot inefficiencies, and optimize productivity.

Effective project management

Provides real-time data to improve project timeline, budget, and resource management.

Accurate financial management

Delivers precise data for reliable billable hours, invoicing, and payroll management.

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Why integrate time tracking into your browser?

Integrating a time tracking app into your browser dramatically streamlines time management with minimal disruption.

  • Universal accessibility: Track time effortlessly from any device with internet access, allowing a seamless transition between desktop, tablet, and mobile without installing additional software.

  • Integrated management: Real-time insights into productivity and project progress through integration with over 30 tools for project management, payroll, and CRM, streamlining workflows and enhancing decision-making.

  • Automation and customization: Customize schedules and set alerts to manage budgets and deadlines efficiently. Automate timesheets and invoicing to reduce manual entry and improve accuracy.


Hubstaff browser time tracking features

Hubstaff's web timer and Chrome time tracking extension streamline productivity with powerful yet accessible features suitable for remote, hybrid, and flexible teams.

  • Web-based time tracker: The web timer is integrated within the Hubstaff dashboard and is accessible through ANY web browser without the need for software installation.

  • Time tracking extension: Compatible with Chrome, our time tracker extension allows you to access Hubstaff's powerful features directly from your browser's toolbar.

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One-click timer control

Effortlessly start, pause, or stop the timer with just one click, streamlining your workflow directly within the browser.

Manual time adjustments

Manually add, remove, or change time entries to ensure complete accuracy and accountability in your records.

Precise time management

Achieve accurate time spent, minimizing billing discrepancies and enhancing payroll precision.

Boosted productivity

Utilize analytics to assess time spent on tasks, pinpoint enhanced productivity, and enable strategic workflow optimization.

Adaptable team support

Tailor to the needs of your remote, hybrid, or flexible teams to simplify time management across diverse work setups.

Workforce analytics

Use built-in reporting to assess team time and performance in real-time, informing management's strategic decisions.

How can I integrate Hubstaff with Google Chrome?

Adding the Hubstaff Chrome time tracking extension is a straightforward process that enhances your ability to manage projects, time, and productivity directly within your browser.

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Setting up the Hubstaff Chrome time tracker extension

Adding the Hubstaff Chrome time tracking extension is a straightforward process that enhances your ability to manage projects, time, and productivity directly within your browser.

  1. Install the Hubstaff extension

    Navigate to this page and click “Add to Chrome” to install our extension.

  2. Sign in or create an account

    Click the Hubstaff icon in your browser toolbar to log in or sign up.

  3. Set your preferences

    Customize settings like project tracking choices and notifications.

  4. Start tracking time

    Choose your project and task, then click ‘Start’ to begin tracking time.

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