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Workforce optimization software helps cut operational costs and improve customer experience. By examining analytics, seeing when employees are at their most productive, and removing project management barriers, teams can do their best work — with more efficiency and less stress.

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Why should you pick Hubstaff for your workforce optimization software?

A simple workforce optimization software
for project optimization

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Workforce optimization is a method of project management that combines team performance metrics with workforce management. Hubstaff makes this process simple by combining these metrics in one place.

Find out which projects cause delays and bog down your business. See which team members are clocked in and ready to work. Use automated tools and save time on repetitive tasks like invoicing, scheduling, and reporting.

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benefits of workforce optimization

Benefits of Hubstaff workforce optimization

Optimized workloads

Track time to specific tasks. Then, use time tracking data for better budgeting, workload management, and staffing decisions.

Improved productivity

Proof of work metrics track and incentivize employee performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Robust reporting

Hubstaff offers 19 different reports, app and URL usage, expenses, invoices, and more.

How do Hubstaff workforce optimization software features work?

how does workforce optimization work
  1. Step 1

    Download Hubstaff and begin tracking time independently or as a team. Choose between Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. Or, try the Google Chrome extension.

  2. Step 2

    Analyze reports to optimize workforce planning. View time tracking data, screenshots, and website and app usage to see which employees work efficiently.

  3. Step 3

    Using the data from Hubstaff’s reports, you can optimize workloads by assigning the right tasks to the right people.

Additional Hubstaff features

Idle time

When you don’t interact with your computer for 20 minutes or more, Hubstaff will start tracking idle time. You can discard, reassign, or keep it if you’re working offline.

Activity rates

Gain actionable insights based on the rate of team members' keystrokes and mouse movements.


Managers can utilize optional screenshots to monitor employee activity. You can alter the frequency, enable screenshot blur, or disable them altogether.

URL tracking

URL data provides workforce-optimized tracking with interaction analytics detailing the URLs team members visit during working hours.

GPS tracking

GPS functionality ensures you automate clock-ins, clock-outs, and routing to each Job site.

Invoice automation and billing

Design your own invoices complete with logos, automatic line items, and custom rates. Then, send them to clients right from the Hubstaff web app.

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