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Looking for a smarter way to track time spent on tasks? Hubstaff’s task timer is the best way to track work time for your entire team.
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task timer
Accurately track work hours by project and task
Valuable reports turn your tracking data into real insights
Track time offline, online, or in the mobile app
how to use Hubstaff timer

How to use Hubstaff’s task timer app

  1. Install Hubstaff on your desktop or mobile devices

    Start by having your team download the Hubstaff task timer app. It’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome.

  2. Record time spent on tasks

    Next, your team tracks the time they spend on tasks and projects. The task timer app will turn time entries into detailed timesheets you can review and approve for payroll.

  3. View time reports and spot productivity trends

    In-depth reports from Hubstaff’s task timer show a lot more than just how long your team works on projects and tasks. Review reports to gain insights on productivity trends, the apps used, the websites visited during work hours, and more.

Increase productivity with Hubstaff’s task timer

Know how work hours are spent

how work hours are spent

See apps used and URLs visited

The task timer will help you learn which apps team members use during work hours and find out which websites they frequent. It will identify unproductive apps and time-wasting websites to improve your team’s productivity.

See work done in real-time

The app lets you enable optional screenshots to see work being done in real-time. See task and project progress without having to bother team members for updates.

Review detailed reports

The app lets you see time spent on tasks and projects, review budget, scheduling, expense reports, and more. Use these insights to improve your business’ profitability.

Streamline payroll and invoicing

time and payroll tracker

Review and approve timesheets

View tracked time in daily, weekly, or calendar view. Review and approve your team’s timesheets from a central location.

Automate payroll

Add custom pay rates and set payment frequencies for each individual team member. Use integrations with PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Bitwage to send payments automatically.

Turn time entries into invoices

Create invoices based on time entries and bill rates, and then send them to clients. Record payments for accounting purposes.

A streamlined task timer app and much more

Automatic reminders

Set up automatic reminders to ensure team members remember to track their time.

Manual time entries

Add manual time entries to account for untracked or offline work.

Idle time detection

Detect when team members stop working and send alerts to stop tracking time.

Mobile apps

Hubstaff’s iOS and Android apps ensure your team can track time on the go. Tap the icon from your home screen to start.

30+ integrations

Integrate Hubstaff with your existing tech stack by using the 30+ integrations with popular software solutions.

Break time

Track work breaks and time off better using one central time tracking app. You can even review and approve requests easily.

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