Automated payroll system for small business. Simple, exact, and on time

Time tracking and payroll system software
Screenshots and activity levels
Simple to use and non-intrusive
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Bitwage payroll
Quickbooks payroll
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TransferWise payroll
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Time tracking
Activity levels
Online timesheets
Automatic payroll
GPS & Location
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Advanced reporting
Manual time
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Easy to Use Time Tracking Software

Lightweight desktop software
The Hubstaff app allows your team to track their exact time spent working. The app takes screenshots, measures activity levels, and also monitors app and URL usage so you get a complete picture of what your workers are doing. All time that is spent working can be paid automatically through Hubstaff's automatic payroll.
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time tracking with automatic payments
Precise Time Tracking
Track exact time worked
Screenshots, activity levels, and more
Customizable with advanced settings
Software for Payroll
Set and forget payments
PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitwage
Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay periods
Timesheets and Reports
Automatic reports and timesheets
Filter and customize the reports
Download, export, or email
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Flexible Small Business Payroll Software

Lightweight desktop software Configure each member how you need
Each member can be paid via direct deposit into a different payment gateway (Paypal, Payoneer, or Bitwage). Set their pay period to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or twice a month. Set hourly or fixed rates and they'll be paid automatically each pay period based on the time they track with Hubstaff. Manual payroll processing is also possible if you prefer.
small business payroll software

Past Payment Reports

Each time your team is paid, a report will be generated detailing the payment. It includes the members paid, their hours worked, the total amount paid, and the date range of the time worked. You can export or print the reports for your records. Workforce management has never been so simple.
payroll software solution
payroll system software

Screenshots and Activity Levels of Time Worked

In addition to helping you run payroll, Hubstaff also helps you to effectively monitor and manage your team. The app runs silently in the background when your team members work, measuring activity levels and taking random screenshots. The app also monitors apps used and URLs visited during work so you'll know exactly what they are doing when they're on the clock. Hubstaff's mobile apps offer location monitoring and time tracking while on the move.

Only pay for the time worked

software for payroll
Smart time tracking
The Hubstaff app only tracks time when your team is actually doing their work.
emzployee idle time
Inactivity setting
Hubstaff can automatically stop tracking time if workers leave it running accidentally.
setting for manual time entries
Advanced settings
Change screenshot frequency, set attendance schedules, track apps & URLs, and more.

Automatically generated reports

Records for internal and external use
All time tracked through Hubstaff is available in automatic reports. You can easily refer back to any date or date range and see how much time a particular member or group of members have spent working. The reports can easily be filtered and customized based on your needs and you can download, export, or email them.
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Internet Monitoring and reports

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Hubstaff’s payroll software need to be downloaded?
A:Hubstaff offers time tracking apps for your team members to download and track their time, but the payroll is a cloud based solution, accessed from your account online.
How does Hubstaff differ from other payroll solutions?
A:Hubstaff was designed to make it very easy for small to large businesses track their employees’ work times and pay them automatically. It is not as complicated as some other full service payroll and accounting software solutions. If you’re looking to get up and running quickly, Hubstaff is worth checking out.
What other benefits do payroll software solutions provide?
A: Payroll fraud is a huge problem that occurs in over a quarter of all businesses. Hubstaff helps mitigate this problem with its time tracking and employee monitoring tools.
Does Hubstaff provide direct deposit into an employee’s bank account?
A:Hubstaff offers payroll through Bitwage, which does allow you to pay via bank and wire transfer.
Does Hubstaff offer tax filings or calculate payroll tax?
A:No, Hubstaff doesn’t currently handle taxes. It does give you the ability to pay your team members and keep accurate records of how much they have been paid.
Is Hubstaff suitable for a single worker?
A:Hubstaff's payroll software works very well for just one employee. It allows you to focus on other matters and know that your worker is getting paid for their work.
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