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Payroll tracking software
Precise timesheets for accurate payroll
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Payroll and time tracking software

How Hubstaff’s payroll and time tracking software works

  1. Your team tracks time or adds work hours manually

    Have your team get the Hubstaff time tracking app or track time from their browser. Create projects and to-dos and assign them so everyone can track time.
  2. Add pay rates and frequency for each team member

    Set up payroll once and streamline almost everything. Add separate bill and pay rates for each member of your team, then choose the payment frequency and method of payment.
  3. Team members are paid automatically or manually

    Hubstaff will send automatic payments based on hours worked, set rates, and your frequency. You can also send manual payments at any time.

Set and track remote employee payroll with one click

Cut down on admin hours with simple bookkeeping and accounting

Cut down on admin hours
Accounting apps

Save time with accurate accounting

Skip the time you spend manually adding time entries. Hubstaff integrates with popular accounting solutions for smarter bookkeeping, so you can be confident in knowing that billable hours are accurate.
Detailed reports

Track payroll with payment reports

Hubstaff generates detailed reports so you can see past and upcoming payments by team members or as a whole. Get access to over 18 different reports for your business.
For remote and field teams

Manage hours, teams, and payments

Hubstaff’s payroll with time tracking alleviates the headaches of managing hours, teams, and payments. Growing field service, remote, and in-office teams can all save time and energy with Hubstaff.

Automate payroll and much more

Support for different currencies

Pay international teams easily using Hubstaff’s multiple currency options.

Custom payment frequency

Choose your payment frequency for each team member and edit as needed.

Automate clock in and out

Hubstaff Field’s geofenced time tracking automatically clocks your crew in and out based on location.

Pay for time off

Create time off policies and track and pay your team members for that time.

Team scheduling

Create one-time and recurring shifts for your team. Track attendance with auto-alerts for shifts.

Proof of work

See work unfold with completely customizable screenshots, apps and URLs used, and more with Hubstaff Desk.

David Judge / Co-founder of Affordable Staff

Hubstaff saved us $170,000 a year and allowed us to streamline our business processes.

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