Invoicing software with time tracking for agencies and freelancers

Create online invoices, send to clients based on time tracked,
record payments and automate your invoicing process.

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Online invoices have never been this easy

See how easy it is to create invoices to send to your clients, either for time tracked in Hubstaff or individual jobs. You'll be able to keep track of which invoices haven't been paid yet so nothing can ever slip through the cracks. Stop adding up hours and start billing hours using the invoicing tools from Hubstaff!

How our invoicing works

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Step 1: Track Time
Accurate billings start with accurate time tracking. The first step is for employees and contractors to track time to projects and tasks accurately and then Hubstaff's free invoice generator can easily create invoices accordingly.
generate online invoices
Step 2: Automatically Generate Invoices
With accurate time data you can now send invoices based on project, person, and date. You decide how to build your invoices template and Hubstaff will create them automatically based on your selection. Hubstaff allows you to set billable and payable rates so you can keep track of the amount you need to bill, as well as the expense of each project and person.
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Step 3: Send Invoices
You can send the customized invoice in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, or email). Once the invoice is sent, you can see when a client has viewed the invoice. You or your client can also download the invoice directly.
invoice maker to record payment
Step 4: Record Payments
Once the invoice has been paid, you can record a full or partial payment against it to make accounting records.

Invoicing without number-crunching

No more calculators, rate adjustments and scrambling to get team members to update their time details to generate client invoices. Create “no questions asked” invoices that give your clients the whole story including project activity details and time spent, and do it automatically based on time tracked.
Invoicing software Hubstaff
Generate invoice line items
track invoices online

Track paid and unpaid invoices online

Trying to keep track of outstanding balances is a pain. Hubstaff's online invoicing software lets you record payments so you know which clients have paid you and which haven't. Remind clients that haven't paid or download a PDF of the invoice to send a hard copy.

Accurate invoices with the push of a button

Hubstaff tracks time and activities against projects so that no detail gets lost in the fray. When you generate an invoice, all activities, tracked time, including taxes and other financial details, get calculated with your billable rates so that invoice creation is as easy as pushing a button. You can send invoices to clients in HTML, PDF or by email.
Accurate invoices

Full featured invoicing software

track invoice status
Viewed status
See when clients have viewed your invoice
partial invoice payments
Partial or full payments
Easily record partial or full payments against outstanding invoices and invoice processing
create customizable invoices
Customizable invoices
Add your logo to generate a customized invoice for your brand
invoicing bill rates
Invoicing billable rates
Set billable rates for employees and contractors to automatically generate invoices for time tracked
online invoicing with tax calculations
Automatic tax calculations
Easily account for state and federal taxes. Fully customizable no matter where you live.
online invoices with discount calculations
Invoice discount calculations
Simple calculations for discounts to clients.
email invoice PDFs
Multiple invoice formats
Send online invoices in HTML, PDF, or by email.
track client invoices
Unlimited clients
Easily setup clients in Hubstaff and send invoices to them with the push of a button.
accept invoice payments
Accept invoice payments
When a payment is received, just record the payment and Hubstaff keeps track of the rest.
invoice due dates
Invoice due dates
Set due dates to keep track of overdue payments.
invoice po numbers
PO numbers
Add PO numbers for accurate tracking and reports with accounting.
invoice aging
Invoice Aging
Easily see all the invoices that are overdue and how old each invoice is.
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Invoice maker to eliminate manual invoicing!

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Hubstaff has saved me countless hours as a manager by eliminating the need for manual timesheets. They say don’t work harder, work smarter – with Hubstaff we can work harder and work smarter!
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