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Hubstaff time tracking and invoicing software

No one wants to spend more time on invoices

Cut down on non-billable hours with Hubstaff’s billing and invoicing software. Create online invoices, send to clients based on time tracked or manual entries, record payments, and automate your process.

How our simple invoice software works

Track time

Accurate timesheets
Set hourly rates and assign work to your team. With simple desktop, browser, and mobile apps, it’s easy for your team to start the timer from anywhere.
invoicing based on accurate timesheets

Automate billing

Generate invoices
Easily track budgets and weekly hours limits in real-time. When a project budget is nearing its limit, Hubstaff notifies you so you can make necessary adjustments. Never let underestimated costs break the bank again.

Send invoices

Quicker payments
You can send invoices in multiple formats: HTML, PDF, or by email. Then, see when a client has viewed the invoice.

Record payments

Simple bookkeeping
Keep tabs on all open invoices with Hubstaff. Once the invoice has been paid, you can record a full or partial payment against it for your accounting records.
enter rate for each project and bill accordingly

Invoicing without number-crunching

No more calculators, rate adjustments, or nudging team members to fill out timesheets. Hubstaff time tracking and invoicing software allows you to enter rates for each person and project so when it comes time to bill clients, all the information is in one place.

Easy, automated invoicing system for mobile teams

Never let a minute of work on a job site go unaccounted for again. Automate punch-ins based on location or issue automatic reminders to start tracking with GPS and geofences.
simple invoicing for mobile teams

Hubstaff works with the tools you use everyday

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Nice things our customers say

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Thanks to Hubstaff, we were able to start charging clients in a flexible way, according to the accurate amount of time each job took.
Andy Marin
/ CEO and Co-founder, BigBangThemes
Easy time tracking

Easy time tracking

Automatically pull time tracked with Hubstaff into invoices.
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Precise timesheets

Precise timesheets

Auto-generated with time, activity, and location tracked.
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Simple payroll

Simple payroll

Set rates, track time, pay teams, done.
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Maintain budget

Maintain budget

Set client budgets and receive limit notifications.
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Measure productivity

Measure productivity

See how time is spent for better planning.
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Activity tracking

Activity tracking

Capture work in progress.
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Great for freelancers, contractors, and small businesses

easy invoicing for freelancers, contractors and small businesses

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