Chrome Time Tracker Extension and App

Track time from the Chrome browser and Chromebooks
Hubstaff's Chrome time tracker allows you to track your exact time spent working with the push of a button. Just add the extension to the browser or download it to your Chromebook.
time tracking chrome
Push button time tracking
Unlimited projects
Track time to tasks in the Chrome browser
Advanced reporting
Budgets and weekly limits
Google Chrome browser
Google Chromebook
Requires Google Chrome 47 or newer

Track time to tasks directly with the Chrome plugin time tracker

Hubstaff's Chrome time tracking add-on allows your team to track time to their tasks directly in the Chrome browser. They can just push the "Start timer" button to begin tracking time to their specific tasks, allowing you to see exactly what they are spending their time working on.
Teamwork browser time tracking
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Time tracking & employee monitoring

Hubstaff's time tracking apps allow your team members to track the exact amount of time they spend working on different projects and tasks. Our native apps allow them to do this from Chrome, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Timer App and Extension

Natively Designed for Chrome OS
Our app and extension are specifically built for Chrome so they function seamlessly while your team works. They can just push the start button when they are working, and go about their business without it bothering them or interrupting in any way. You will always know when your team members were working, what they worked on, and how long they worked on it.
Time tracking for Chromebook
Work notes for Chrome

Easily add work notes

Explain what is being worked on any time
The Chrome time tracking app and extension allow team members to enter work notes when they are tracking time. You can see those notes and include them in the reports to have even more details about what was worked on while time was tracked.

Chrome time tracking settings

Get reminded to track time
The Chrome extension allows you to be reminded to track time during certain days and hours. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to track your time again.
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You can count on Hubstaff

In addition to time tracking, Hubstaff offers attendance scheduling, invoicing, budgets, project management integrations, automatic payroll, and more. Whether you have a large remote team or are a solo operation, Hubstaff can streamline your business processes and help improve productivity.
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