Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Time tracker app for Windows

Stay focused and keep work on track with Hubstaff’s
Windows time tracker. The app installs quickly, runs
seamlessly, and won’t take up valuable space.
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Hubstaff time tracker for Windows

Automatic time tracking
for Windows

A powerful desktop app built to run on any Windows version 2000/XP or newer.
Windows 10 S (2017)
Windows 10 (2015) MS Version 6.4
Windows 8/8.1 (2012-2013) MS Version 6.2/6.3
Windows 7 (2009) - MS Version 6.1
Windows Vista (2006) MS Version 6.0
Windows XP (2001) MS Version 5.1
Windows 2000 (2000) MS Version 5.0
simple payroll app for Windows

Simple payroll

Track time. Send invoices. Pay teams. Done.
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Location tracking

Mobile time tracking

Available as an app for iOS and Android devices.
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easy invoicing app for Windows

Easy invoices

Send client invoices based on time tracked and bill rates.
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Work site budgeting

Work site budgeting

Track time, project costs and budgets in one place.
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timesheet approvals

Timesheet approvals

Review, approve, or reject timesheets.
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Simple scheduling

Team scheduling

Manage your team’s shifts and schedule work hours.
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time tracking and monitoring software for Windows

See work as it happens

With optional screenshots, URL and app monitoring, and activity levels, you’ll have an easy way to visualize productivity. No need to interrupt people just for status updates.

Your one-stop timer

Create to-dos within Hubstaff or easily pull them in from one of our project management integrations so everything lives in one place. Time can be manually entered, edited or removed altogether. You even can set reminders to clock-in right from the app.
Hubstaff windows tracker integrates with any PM tool you use
insightful timesheets for Windows

More insightful timesheets

Payday is even better with accurate, streamlined timesheets. Hubstaff’s payroll and invoice software for Windows pulls time entries for each task into one view, so you’ll know exact amounts for each task worked on. For even more clarity, you can add notes from the app or the Hubstaff dashboard.
easy-to-use tracker

Every second, tracked

Don’t miss a beat. The Hubstaff time tracker for Windows makes switching tasks as easy as clicking a button. Select projects, add notes, and navigate to the dashboard, all within the app.

See how Hubstaff can help

Hubstaff’s unobtrusive apps do all the time management in the background silently. Time tracked pulls into the Hubstaff dashboard so you can easily and confidently invoice clients, pay employees, dig into robust reports, and more.

Track time on Windows today

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