windows time tracker

A Windows time tracking app built for productivity

automatic Windows time tracker

Automatic time tracking for Windows

A powerful desktop app built to run on Windows 8 or newer. Questions? View the operating system requirements.

  • Windows 11

  • Windows 10 S (2017)

  • Windows 10 (2015) MS Version 6.4

  • Windows 8/8.1 (2012-2013) MS Version 6.2/6.3

  • Windows 7 (2009) - Supports Windows 7 machines with TLS 1.2 enabled

Keep track of your team’s hours and tasks
Create tasks directly in Hubstaff’s desktop time tracker
View your team’s productivity with proof of work features
how windows time tracking works

How the Windows desktop tracker app works

  1. Create your account and download the app

    Sign up for Hubstaff and then have your team download the desktop app. It only takes a few minutes.

  2. Create to-dos and assign them

    Add projects and tasks, then assign them to team members so they can start tracking time. They can use the desktop, mobile, web app, or Chrome extension to track their time easily.

  3. See time and activity data in your dashboard

    Timesheets, activity rates, and proof of work will start getting filled in on your Hubstaff dashboard. Click on a widget to dig deeper into a particular feature.

employee monitoring features for mac

Keep everyone moving forward with productivity tools

optional screenshots

See work as it happens

Avoid going too far down the wrong path with customizable screen capture. Customize screenshots for 1-3 times per 10 minutes, or turn off the feature on a per-user basis.


Establish an efficiency mindset

Activity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage provide benchmarks for each team member over time. See apps and URLs used to identify potential issues or bottlenecks.

Automate time tracking for Windows

Desktop permissions

Follow our guiding principles of transparency, access, and control with customizable permissions for every member of your team.

More than just a Windows time tracker

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Easy invoices

Send and create invoices based on time tracked and bill rates.

Team scheduling

Manage your team’s shifts and track hours right from Hubstaff.


Send payments to your team using hours worked and pay rates.

Project management

Try our Agile task management add-on, Tasks, for seamless time and task tracking.

Detailed reporting

Dig into projects, budgets, working time, and more with a library of productivity reports.

Over 30+ Integrations

Connect Hubstaff with the apps you’re already using, including Slack, Zapier, Quickbooks, and more.

Hubstaff FAQs

Frequently asked questions

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