Hubstaff time tracker for Windows

A time tracking app that employees install and run on Windows
Hubstaff allows managers and business owners to more easily manage their online contractors and virtual team employees. Hubstaff is actively used by over 1,000 agencies, freelancers, website owners and virtual teams all over the world.
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Time tracking
Unlimited projects
Takes screenshots
Measures activity levels
Runs in the background or exposed
Windows 2000/XP or newer
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Time tracking & Employee monitoring with Screenshots and Activity Levels

We provide simple but effective time tracking tools for Windows, Mac and Linux. Our lightweight desktop timers record screenshots, and activity levels so you can monitor your remote team.

Timer widget

Natively designed for Windows
By default the timer is open, but it can hidden with one click. You can track time, stop and start time, select projects, add notes and more. The widget can also be used in compact mode.
Time tracking and employee monitoring software for Windows
Work notes interface for Hubstaff app for Windows

Add notes

Employees can add notes directly in Hubstaff
This is the notes dialog where your remote team members can add notes. These notes are automatically uploaded to the web server where managers can see them along with the screenshots.

Windows menu

You can hide the widget and operate Hubstaff from the menu instead.
This is the Hubstaff menu for Windows. The menu allows you to track time, take screenshots, start and stop time, add notes and more.
Hubstaff menu for Windows

Video Walkthrough

Hubstaff runs as an application on the Windows desktop making it easy to track time. Once the time is tracked you can invoice clients, pay employees, see in-depth reporting and much more.
Over 8,000 remote teams use Hubstaff daily.
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