Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Unfuddle time tracking for tickets

  • Track time worked on your Unfuddle tickets
  • Automatic screenshots and activity levels
  • Stay organized with timesheets and reports
Integrate Unfuddle with Hubstaff
Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting

Keep track of time worked on Unfuddle tickets

Hubstaff and Unfuddle integration
The Hubstaff app was built to easily sync with your Unfuddle account so you can view your assigned tickets and track exact time worked on them.
Integrate Unfuddle with Hubstaff
Unfuddle desktop timer
Ticket time tracking
  • Track time on tickets
  • Screenshots of work done
  • Automatic reporting
Guided setup
  • Select Unfuddle
  • Log into your account
  • Connect projects and users
Automatic updates
  • Tickets sync automatically
  • Users will see new tickets
  • See updates and due dates
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Unfuddle ticket time tracking with screenshots

Unfuddle ticket screenshots and activity levels

Have a complete picture on how your team works when they are tracking time to their Unfuddle tickets. Hubstaff allows for 1-3 screenshots every ten minutes and shows you how active your team is. See which workers are the most effective and streamline your project management. Hubstaff can be installed on Linux, OSX, and Windows operating systems.

Hubstaff makes Unfuddle ticket time tracking easy

Syncing via HTTP Auth
Your Unfuddle projects will remain synced with Hubstaff.
Track time on Unfuddle tickets
Once users are assigned tickets, they see and can track time to them with Hubstaff.
Won't interfere with your team
The lightweight Hubstaff app won't bother your team when they track time.

Painless Unfuddle Ticket Time Tracking
Team Management, Automatic Reports, and Timesheets

unfuddle ticket time tracking
Unfuddle tickets
Let your team track the exact time to their assigned tickets.
Unfuddle project mapping
Easy to setup
The Unfuddle/Hubstaff integration is simple to setup.
setting for manual time entries
Flexible time tracking
Hubstaff gives you the ability to allow manual time entries.

Detailed Unfuddle reports

Accurate records of time worked on tasks
Your team's time tracked to their Unfuddle tickets with the Hubstaff app is automatically organized into reports that you can customize based on date ranges, users, and projects. With these reports, you can easily invoice clients or have precise records for internal use.
time reporting for Unfuddle
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