to do list templates

To-Do List Templates

Behind most major achievements is a great plan. Whether it’s for work, school, or personal fitness, the first step to achieving your goals is to break them down into smaller ones. In a lot of cases, the best way to do that is by creating a to-do list.

Every to-do list is a bit different, though. Whether you’re providing status updates to your boss or building a grocery list, you’ll need the right template for the job. Spend less time getting organized and more time completing your goals with our free to-do list templates.

Free to-do list templates

Stop writing your to-do lists in Excel, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. Find the perfect to-do list template for your projects and start tracking the time it takes to organize and complete each of your tasks.

to do lists for work

To-do list templates for professional purposes

Whether you prefer Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, or another project management method, there's a free template for you. Choose from Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and other beautiful to-do list templates to bring your work projects to life in an awesome way.

Kanban board

Our Kanban board template is your virtual bulletin board. Stay organized by sorting tasks into columns based on their completion status.

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Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart can help you identify dependencies and create your own roadmaps. Clear a path to success with our Gantt chart template.

Business trip to-do list template

With this business trip to-do list template, corporate retreats, conferences, and other business getaways run a lot smoother. Have some fun at your next event.

To-do list for a group project

Whether it’s for school or work, group projects have a lot of moving parts. Make sure tasks are properly assigned and accounted for with this group project to-do list.

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Templates for personal to-dos

Stay productive in your personal life with our personal to-do list templates. Customize templates to create your own chore charts, grocery lists, and household to-dos.

Tasklist for homework assignments

Help your kids knock out homework, projects, and other school work with this homework assignment to-do list.

To-do list for your family members

Need to delegate daily chores and family projects around the house? Use this template to help each member of your family manage their responsibilities.

Family daily schedule

Make sure everyone is on the same page about pick-up times, after-school activities, and work schedules. Use this template to create a unique plan for each member of your family.

Grocery shopping checklist template

Have items that you always seem to need? Use this grocery shopping checklist to keep a running grocery list for you and your family.

Holiday shopping list

Ensure that you have gifts for all of your friends and family with this holiday shopping list. You can add pricing, shipping dates, and tracking numbers for each item on your list.

free printable to-do list templates

Free printable to-do list templates

Sometimes nothing beats the simplicity of a printed to-do list. That’s why we’ve created basic task lists, due date trackers, and weekly list templates. Easily print them out in bulk for your friends, co-workers, or a family member.

Basic task list

Keep it simple with a printable task list template.

To-do list with due dates

Keep track of your upcoming due dates with this to-do list template.

Plan your entire week

Record your weekly goals and to-dos with this helpful to-do list template.

free templates

More free templates to help you stay organized

To-do lists aren’t just for your day-to-day tasks and obligations. Set personal goals, apply for jobs, or set personal goals with this miscellaneous assortment of templates.

To-dos organized by priority level

Not all to-dos are created equal. Take care of high-priority tasks with this to-do list template.

General-purpose checklist template

Not sure what you need a to-do list for? Print out copies of our general-purpose checklist and fill them out as needed.

Personal goals

Keep track of your personal growth and skill development with a personal goals to-do list.

Fitness goals

Set fitness and weight loss goals. Then, use our helpful fitness template to create a weekly workout plan.

productivity tips

Productivity tips and tricks to help you get through your to-do list

Having the best to-do list template is just the start. To complete the specific tasks you add to any of these templates, you’ll need to find a productivity method that’s right for you.

Whether it’s the Pomodoro technique, GTD method, or a productivity style you’ve created yourself, finding your flow is extremely important. Here are a few strategies we like to use here at Hubstaff:

free to do list templates

Task batching

Use the task batching technique to group similar tasks together. This way, you can break large project tasks into smaller ones and keep your focus on one subset of tasks. You’ll switch between assignments less frequently and boost your productivity in the process.

Time blocking

With the time blocking technique, you’ll separate your day into large blocks of time. During these time blocks, you’ll focus on one specific task (or task batch) at a time. You can use a time tracking app to see time spent on multiple projects.

Time tracking

Time tracking is more than a productivity method. You can use a start-and-stop timer to quantify how long it takes you to complete each task on your to-do list. Or, go a step further and use a time tracking app to gain valuable insights into your productivity.

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