Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Smarter time tracking for Teamwork projects

Accurately record hours and work in progress with Hubstaff’s Teamwork integration.
Integrate Teamwork with Hubstaff
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track time to teamwork tasks

Track time directly to Teamwork tasks

Get a clear picture of how work happens using Hubstaff’s desktop apps for Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chromebook, and mobile apps for iOS or Android. Your Teamwork tasks sync automatically and can be assigned so that your team always knows what’s on their plate.

Detailed online timesheets

Get daily timesheets sent straight to your inbox. Or, dig into hours by project or team member from the Hubstaff dashboard. Built-in timesheet approvals give you the chance to review hours before running payroll.
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Integrate Hubstaff and Teamwork to streamline team and time management

Easy setup

Add your team
One-time setup connects your projects and team with Hubstaff. You can choose to sync new projects daily, or to manually connect them as you go.
how to set up Hubstaff Teamwork integration

Activity monitoring

Measure productivity
Activity rates based on keyboard and mouse usage give you a better picture of team productivity so you can identify bottlenecks and manage resources.
automatic time cards

Optional screenshots

See work in progress
Customize screenshot capture for each team member. Choose once, twice, or three times every ten minutes, or turn off the feature altogether.
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Budget better from start to finish

Keep your Teamwork projects on track with a clear view of hours tracked per task. Set hours limits or project budgets in Hubstaff and get alerts as your team approaches them.


Used tracked time to easily create invoices.

Timesheet approvals

Timesheet approvals

Review team hours before issuing payments.

Automatically sync

Automatically sync

Connect accounts once for daily syncing.



Desktop apps available for Mac, Windows, Chromebook and Linux.


Speed up payments with fixed or hourly pay rates.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Track time and dig into reports from iOS and Android devices.

Optimize operations with reports

Take a magnifying glass to your business operations with detailed reports. Explore everything including hours, payments, budgets, and invoices so you can find areas of improvement. Save report filters or schedule them to be sent directly to you to save even more time.
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Up your productivity in minutes
Integrate Hubstaff and Teamwork for easier project tracking.
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