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Time tracking
Easily track hours spent on development projects
Boost the performance of your programmers
Pay devs and invoice clients more accurately
How developer time tracking works

How Hubstaff's time tracking for developers works

Developers choose their app or extension

Invite your developers to Hubstaff so they can download the Windows, Mac, or Linux app, or track directly from the web app or Chrome extension.

Time and productivity is tracked

Hubstaff can track time, activity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage, apps and URLs, and capture optional screenshots. These features are customizable for each user.

Pay teams and bill faster

Set separate bill and pay rates for each developer, so you can easily send payments and invoices once the project is complete.

Gain clear insight into how your developers spend time

Up your dev team’s efficiency and reach milestones sooner

track software dev team's time

Avoid disruptive check-ins

Let developers focus on their work while Hubstaff runs seamlessly. You’ll always know what’s being worked on, how much time has been spent, and how productive your developers are. no need to interupt just to ask for an update.

Estimate dev projects more accurately

Better understand how much time is spent on specific tasks, so you can accurately budget for labor and project costs.

Improve communication and collaboration

Integrate with Hubstaff Tasks, the Agile project management tool, for even more efficient time and project tracking. Unite remote teams with Sprints, Stand-ups, and more.

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With Hubstaff, you get:

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Time tracking

Easy start and stop time tracking for desktop and browsers.

Activity monitoring

Optional productivity-boosting features include app and URL tracking.

Idle time detection

Automatic alerts when you go idle with prompts to keep or discard idle time.

Reminder to track time

Set reminders to notify you when you start the day for more accurate tracking.

30+ integrations

Connect Hubstaff with your favourite apps including Slack, Gusto, Zapier, and more.

Detailed reports

Dig into operations and identify areas for improvement.

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