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Provide metrics to development teams to reduce dependencies and increase production cycles
Workload management
Keep QA, DevOps, and Product teams aligned with project, time, and activity tracking features
Automated accounting
Pay your team and invoice clients accurately with built-in features, automations, and integrations
How developer time tracking works

How Hubstaff works for software developers

Developers choose their app or extension

Invite your developers to download Hubstaff on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Or, track projects directly from the web app or via the Chrome extension.

Real-time productivity and time tracking

Hubstaff can manage developers’ workloads with time tracking, activity rates, and productivity insights. These features are customizable for each user. See how much time is spent on fixing bugs, reviewing PRs, or sitting through meetings.

Pay teams and bill faster

Set separate bill and pay rates for each developer, so you can easily send payments and invoices based on time tracking data once projects are complete.

Use Hubstaff wherever and however your team works

Up your dev team’s efficiency and reach milestones sooner

track software dev team's time

Avoid disruptive check-ins

Real-time insights for busy team leads looking to track activity and completed work. No need to interrupt just to ask for an update.

Estimate projects more accurately

Understand exactly how much time is spent on specific tasks, so you can accurately budget for project costs.

Improve communication and collaboration

Integrate with Hubstaff Tasks, our Agile project management tool, for even more efficient time and project tracking. Ship more releases with Sprints, Stand-ups, Gantt charts, and more.

Integrates with:
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With Hubstaff, you get:

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Activity monitoring

Optional transparency and compliance features like app and URL tracking.


Customize Hubstaff with custom roles, permissions, and reports.

Productivity metrics

Measure productivity with activity rates, focus time, and time classification by job type.

Time tracking

Easy start and stop time tracking on your desktop, phone, or browser.

30+ integrations

Connect Hubstaff with your favorite apps, including Slack, GitHub, Jira, Asana, and more.

Detailed reports

Gain insights into how focused team members are and if they’re over or underworked.

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