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Field service management
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Manage your mobile workforce with Hubstaff
  • Track your crew’s location from anywhere
  • Clock in and out on the job automatically
  • Streamline reporting and invoicing
  • Connect your on-site and off-site teams
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Track location and time from anywhere

Want to know where your mobile team is at this moment?
Utilize the GPS on your crew’s phones to track work hours, no matter where they are. This means no more paper time cards or inaccurate tracking.

Automatically clock in and out with job sites

Easily manage your field crew by enabling them to clock in and out automatically the second they arrive on the job using geofence technology. Gone are the days of trying to remember when a team member arrived at and left the job.
automatically clock in and out

Everything field teams need to
be successful

Simplified scheduling

Simplified scheduling and attendance

Set up your crew’s shift schedule so that everyone knows where they need to be and when. You’ll know if someone is late, doesn’t show, or leaves a shift early with alerts.
schedule your crew easily
Fleet tracking

Follow routes

See exactly what route your crew takes while on the job. Track their progress, any stops made, and time spent at a location.
location activity
Budgets and invoices

Budgets and invoices

Easily set time and budget limits for your projects and get notified if a limit is approached. At the end of a workweek, use your crew’s tracked time to create invoices in seconds.
budget your projects the right way

Pay your team for their hard work

Quickly pay your crew by job or based on their tracked hours, right from Hubstaff field management dashboard. With over 30 integrations, you can pay your team immediately through Gusto, PayPal, TransferWise and more.

Create work orders and schedule jobs

Set up work orders for each customer and schedule one-time or recurring jobs in Hubstaff. Add and assign jobs to team members so that time tracking auto-starts or sends a reminder when they arrive at a job site.
track mileage
a complete solution for field service management

A complete management tool for field teams

Hubstaff combines automated timesheets and location tracking, work orders, detailed reporting, scheduling, and more into one easy-to-use app. One place to manage projects from start to finish.

Go mobile

Have your team download our iOS or Android apps to track time on the go. Plus, our app is extremely lightweight and won't slow down your team's devices.
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Praise from the field for Hubstaff

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Dynamic reporting

See exactly where your time and money is being spent. Collect end-to-end data on field service operations and review the performance of your business.
job site reports
Daily timesheets

Daily timesheets

Get a recap of your team’s day emailed directly to your inbox.

Mobile time tracking

Mobile time tracking

It’s easy to clock in from any iOS or Android devices.

Easy invoices

Easy invoices

Send out invoices based on the time tracked and bill rates.

Timesheet approvals

Timesheet approvals

Quickly approve, edit, or reject timesheets automatically.
Job site budgeting

Job site budgeting

Hubstaff keeps an eye on budgets and costs for you.

Simple scheduling

Simple scheduling

Manage your team’s shifts and work hours.

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