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How Hubstaff’s consultant time tracking app works

Install the app
Download Hubstaff on your Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop or a mobile device. You can also use the web timer or Chrome extension.
Keep track of consulting work
Log consulting hours as billable and non-billable hours for each client. Submit expenses and reimburse others all within Hubstaff — it’s time management made easy.
Calculate project profitability
Set budget and hours limits for client projects, and get automatic alerts as you approach them. Keep budgets on track and understand project progress without checking all the time.
Bill clients accurately
Invoice and bill clients automatically, thanks to detailed timesheets that are easy to review and approve. Generate line items by selecting the projects, dates, and team members.

Streamline your consulting business

streamline consulting business
Timesheet approvals

Automated consultant timesheets

See work hours on detailed digital timesheets before approving for payments or invoicing. Pull weekly, daily, or monthly timesheet reports at any time from Hubstaff.

Payments & invoices

Set pay and bill rates for consultants

Pay your team easily and bill clients by adding separate rates for each person. This saves you time when it comes to payroll and client billing.

Why consulting firms trust Hubstaff to boost their business efficiency

productivity tracking for consultants

Boost productivity with Hubstaff’s productivity features

See work as it happens

Customizable employee monitoring features allow you to see apps and URLs used and screenshots taken while tracking time. When the timer isn’t running, these desktop features aren’t, either. 

View activity rates

Spot roadblocks or underutilized team members using activity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage. See productivity trends over time that can help consultants make the most of their work hours.

So much more than just consultant time tracking software

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Hubstaff Tasks

Manage client projects through an integration with our project management tool.

Track time off

Set time off policies and view balances all through Hubstaff.


Connect Hubstaff with the apps you’re already using, such as Slack, Zapier, and Quickbooks.

Work breaks

Set up work break rules for unpaid or paid time off during the workday.

Idle time setting

Prompt consultants to stop tracking or keep time once they go idle.

Custom reporting

Create and save filters, schedule reports, and send them to clients from Hubstaff.

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