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Hubstaff Time offers time tracking apps for your desktop, web browser, or mobile device. Use the dashboard to see hours tracked and which projects each employee is working on. Create custom pay rates for each team member and send payments using your preferred payroll integration.

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Find a better work-life balance

Hubstaff Time helps business owners, managers, and employees of distributed teams track work hours and get paid. Its user-friendly features and automations save everyone time.

Better team management

Manage growing teams with shift scheduling, attendance tracking, and payroll. You’ll be alerted if employees show up late or miss shifts altogether.

Limit admin work

Reduce admin time and pay teams faster with automated timesheets. Built-in features like idle timeout and timesheet approvals ensure accuracy.

More efficient spending

See real-time updates for project budgets, expenses, and invoice balances. You’ll be able to make changes on the fly to prevent budgeting issues that lead to project failure.

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