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Hubstaff Desk for managing productive teams

Get timesheets, proof of work, and payroll all in one tool for better workforce management.

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Hubstaff Desk helps you keep track of work no matter where or when it happens

Hubstaff Desk is a perfect solution for managing teams that offers a blend of time tracking and proof of work features. Track specific tasks, projects, view project budgets, and set hours limits for employees. You can track activity and see productivity changes right from your dashboard.

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Know everyone is working on the right tasks with Hubstaff Desk

Thanks to its employee productivity features, Hubstaff Desk helps you uncover productivity-killers and catch problems early, as well as reward top performers and better plan resources over time.

See activity and productivity trends in real time

From your Hubstaff Desk dashboard, you can view time worked, activity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage, apps and URLs visited by your team, and more. Set optional screenshots on a per-user basis or turn them off altogether.

Encourage productive work

Establish benchmarks for productivity so you can spot bottlenecks and any potential issues. Send automatic achievement badges to team members as they reach milestones to celebrate their hard work.

Reduce wasted time (and money)

Set an hourly rate for each employee to see what type of work is helping or hurting your bottom line. Know exactly how much time is spent on any task.

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Help everyone reach their full potential

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