Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Insightly Time Tracking

  • Automatic time tracking for Insightly tasks
  • See screenshots of what your team is working on
  • Have reports generated of time spent on tasks
Integrate Insightly with Hubstaff
Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting

Insightly Time Tracking Desktop App

Integrate Hubstaff with Insightly
Hubstaff is a powerful time tracking desktop app that integrates with Insightly so your team can track the precise time that they spend on their tasks.
After the integration, your team will see their assigned Insightly tasks in the Hubstaff app, along with updates and due dates.
Integrate Insightly with Hubstaff
Insightly desktop timer
Quick and Easy Integration
  • Track time to tasks
  • Random screenshots
  • Activity levels and reports
Sync Projects
  • Link Hubstaff and Insightly
  • Connect the projects
  • Insightly tasks will sync
Link Users
  • Link each user
  • Users see their tasks
  • Users can track time on tasks
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Insightly task time tracking with screenshots

Random screenshots for Insightly tasks

When your team is working on their Insightly tasks, the Hubstaff app will take random screenshots every ten minutes as well as monitor their activity levels. You'll have a clear view of what they are working on when they are working. Your team can install the app on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Hubstaff integrates with Insightly for accurate time tracking

Syncing with Insightly API
Your Insightly tasks stay synced and updated through its API.
Track exact Insightly time
Users can easily track the exact time they work on their Insightly tasks.
Quietly runs in the background
Your team won't be disturbed by the Hubstaff app as it tracks time.

Improve Your Team's Insightly Workflow
Push Button Time Tracking, Timesheets, and Reports

tasks time tracking
Pull Down Tasks
Workers can see and track time to their Insightly tasks in the app.
Insightly project mapping
Fast and Easy Setup
The Insightly integration setup can be completed and running in minutes.
setting for manual time entries
Modify time or give your team the ability to edit their timesheets.

Full reports with custom filters

All your team's data in one place
When your team uses the Hubstaff app to track time on their Insightly tasks, all the information is recorded and can be organized how you like in Hubstaff reports. Filter by user, project, or dates and have all the data you need to export or email. Never struggle to create accurate invoices or records again.
time reporting for Insightly
A lifesaver in an ocean of paper timesheets, sticky notes and other forms of clutter
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With Hubstaff’s timesheets, we’re not drowning in a sea of unorganized sticky notes and handwritten task reminders anymore!
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