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Hubstaff frees up more time for patient care.

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time tracking app for agile teams

Simple, detailed health
care timesheets

Tracking your time is as simple as pushing a button on your computer or smartphone. The days of your team reporting hours with pen and paper timesheets are over.

Simple scheduling for home health care

Hubstaff makes shift planning super simple with precise schedules from your employees.

GPS home health care time clock

With Hubstaff’s GPS & geofencing features, you’ll get precise location tracking so you have a better understanding of how much time is being spent at each job location.
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accurate time cards for software development teams

Detailed time cards emailed daily

Time cards are sent to your inbox each day. See how much time was worked across your entire team.

Focus on patients

Spend less time on administrative tasks like payroll, scheduling, and timesheets so your team can spend more time on patients.
accurate time cards for software development teams

Run your business from your phone

With Hubstaff’s mobile time tracking, GPS, and reporting features, you can run your home health care business completely from your phone. View timesheets, payroll, and locations of your employees from one central dashboard.

GPS tracking

Hubstaff’s GPS tracking features allow you to view real-time locations of your employees so you can see how long each person spends at each client location.

Job sites

Set your cleaning client’s location as a job site in Hubstaff and add specific employees to each site.


Set perimeters around each patient site and get notifications when an employee arrives at or leaves that area.

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With the data from Hubstaff, we have been able to dive deeper into labor cost analysis.
Jing Moore
/ WRS Health

Automated payroll

Pay health care staff based on set rates and hours worked.
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GPS time tracking

Ensure patient visits are on time and tracked accurately.
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Daily timesheets

Get a recap of your health care staff's day emailed directly to your inbox.
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Easy attendance

Get alerts for late, missed, or abandoned appointments.

Timesheet approvals

Review, approve or deny timesheets submitted by nurses or staff.
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Simple scheduling

Set and modify shifts for health care staff with ease.
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