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Field service management software to help you automate everything

Hubstaff Field’s field service software helps you schedule jobs, track time from mobile apps, and streamline the entire payment process for greater profitability.

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  • It all starts with location-based time tracking

    Track locations, optimize routes, and see time spent at different Job sites with Hubstaff’s comprehensive field management software. Using a lightweight mobile app on each person's device, Hubstaff Field tracks hours and locations throughout the workday.
    GPS time tracking
  • Accurate time cards using geofenced Job sites

    Avoid human error by automatically clocking your crews in and out based on their GPS location. Field service companies can create geofences that can send alerts or start tracking time when their employees enter Job sites.
    Job sites
  • Smooth field service management

    Improve service delivery with work orders you can create and assign to the right people. Schedule jobs with start times, locations, and other details, so your field workers always know where to go next.
    Work orders
  • Schedule shifts and stay on track

    Create one-time or recurring shifts and assign them to your crew members. You’ll get alerts if shifts are missed, started late, or left early so you can act fast and uphold service contracts.
  • Improve profits with budgeting tools

    Set project budgets and better understand which jobs are driving the most revenue. Hubstaff's field service management solution can help small businesses keep overhead low.
    budgets and job costing

How Hubstaff Field’s workforce management software works

Hubstaff Field's workforce management
  1. Your field team installs the app on each person's mobile device

    First, your crew downloads Hubstaff Field’s Android or iOS app on their mobile devices and grants permission for GPS tracking.
  2. Create Work orders, then assign and schedule jobs

    Manage work orders in one central hub to streamline customer management. Your team will always know what the job is, where they need to be, and when. Add more jobs anytime.
  3. Get detailed time cards to make billing and payments easier

    Use detailed timesheets to create invoices, pay your crew, view profitability reports, and more.

Part supervisor, part bookkeeper. Fully designed for the field service industry.

Hubstaff Field helps your field service operations run smoothly.

arrival notificationSMS notificationkeep track of workers with GPS and geofences

Know when and where field technicians are working

GPS tracking helps you keep track of field service teams when they’re on the clock. Reporting and a live map view can show you job details along with current crew locations.

Error-proof your payroll

Crews are automatically clocked in and out of Hubstaff's field service management app for greater payroll accuracy and time card honesty.

Optimize routes

See every street your field employees took on the way to the job and where they stopped along the way. Fleet management software provides more accurate estimated arrival times and can help you increase customer satisfaction.

job costing report

Cut your office work in half

Automate tasks that drain your time and distract you from more crucial work like customer relationship management.

Respond to service requests faster

Automate scheduling and attendance with Hubstaff's field service management (FSM) solution, so it's easy to see who is available and who's on the job. You'll even get alerts for missed or late shifts so you can respond quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

Easy time off and team management

Set time off policies and breaks so your crew can easily track time away from work. You can customize these policies for each person and choose paid or unpaid. See breaks and time off in your calendar view.

job costing report

Run a more profitable field service business

Understand where your company’s time is spent, how that affects your bottom line, and how you can streamline complex processes.

Smarter invoicing and budgets

Set weekly budgets or time limits for jobs and then get alerts when projects go over. Field service tracking software speeds up billing by allowing you to choose the timeframe, crew members, and clients you want to include, and then auto-generating your invoice.

Built-in timesheet approvals

Review detailed timesheets from mobile teams, crews, or field service technicians before paying and invoicing so you know the amounts are accurate. See all of the work completed during that time period and approve or deny time cards.

field service management system

Focus on business growth

The right field service management system ties together your team, your processes, and your software so that you get a comprehensive, time-saving platform.

Integrate Hubstaff Field with your existing business software

Connect Hubstaff with your project management apps, accounting software, and more. Hubstaff's cloud-based software can integrate with over 30 different tools including Quickbooks, Gusto, Zapier, and more enterprise software options.

Improve customer experience

When you can automate the more repetitive field service tasks, you'll have more time to answer customer calls and get new projects rolling. Work orders keep client information in one easily accessible place, so you're not tracking down job details all day long.

Javier Enciso Jr. Founder and President of ENC Construction

See what makes Hubstaff one of the best field service management solutions

"Hubstaff solves the problem of having to track workers manually and helps us budget better. It helps me know how many hours workers are at a Job site from start to finish. This app makes it all easier."

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Manage teams in the field and back at the office

Get the best of both worlds with the Hubstaff Desk + Field. Mobile, location-based time tracking for field teams, and desktop-based productivity features for office staff.

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Everything field service businesses need to manage their crews and jobs


Team managers can manage shifts and work hours from one central view.


Get automatic alerts when your customer appointments are late, left early, or missed.

Timesheet approvals

Quickly approve, edit, or reject timesheets for field teams automatically.


Submit and reimburse expenses for materials and more.

Work breaks

Set policies and maintain compliance by building in paid and unpaid work breaks.

Route optimization

Track crews automatically as they move to different sites with fleet tracking.

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