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Create work orders for clients and maintenance requests and schedule jobs so crews stay on track just with their mobile devices.
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employee schedule tracker

How teams use work orders and jobs

Create and schedule new work orders
Enter details and checklists specific to each client so everything’s in one place.
Teams and asset management
Schedule your crew to the right jobs or maintenance tasks so you can reduce the downtime.
Your team tracks time toward a scheduled job
With an automatic functionality to clock in and out on work requests, your team can manage their time right from their own device through the mobile app.
See locations and management processes any time
Get real-time updates and notifications from the Hubstaff dashboard and map view.

Know where everyone is and what they are doing at a moment’s glance

construction crew route tracking

Organized and access client details

With so much on your workflow, the last thing you need to do is memorize client information and who’s working on what. The work order management software keep everything in one place, including addresses, service requests, upcoming jobs, the team assigned, and a history of actions on that order.


Scheduling jobs has never been easier

Messy paper schedules or spreadsheets are a headache for you and your crew. Avoid them altogether and schedule different jobs all within Hubstaff. Designed to streamline your workflows, Hubstaff allows you to set up one-time or recurring work orders to simplify your scheduling.

Save on payroll and wasted time creating automations in how teams clock in and out

Job site report

Create geofenced job sites

Time cards are as correct as can be with geofencing. Set up your job sites and the work order management system will auto-start or send a notification to start tracking time when crews arrive or leave.

Get automatic attendance notifications

Receive notifications if scheduled shifts are started late, left early, or missed completely. Avoid project delays by knowing that everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

Pay for exact hours worked

Instead of relying on texts or paper time cards to calculate payroll, track work orders and exact time spent at a job site and know your payments are accurate.

Integrates with:
connect in-office and field teams

Manage everything from your dashboard

Connect your office and field teams

Know that everyone is where they’re supposed to be without having to drive around and check. The map view in Hubstaff shows real-time locations so that field and office teams stay in sync. The KPIs and metrics you need to achieve customer satisfaction.

Get a handle on resource planning

View new jobs and maintenance schedules for each member of your team, along with past attendance reports. Optimize you job assignment based on availability and capacity, which is easier to see with Hubstaff.

Javier Enciso Jr. / Founder and President / ENC Construction and Development

This app makes it all easier
"Hubstaff solves the problem of having to track workers manually and helps us budget better. It helps me know how many hours workers are at a job site from start to finish.”

Built to help you work smarter

Detailed reporting

Get answers on project costs and team attendance with over 17 different reports.

30+ integrations

Connect Hubstaff with your accounting software, CRM tools, project management apps, maintenance management software, and more.

Apps for desktop or mobile devices

Track time from the iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, or Chromebook apps, or the Google Chrome extension.

24/7 customer support

Schedule a walkthrough for your crew or get answers whenever you need them.

GPS location tracking

Audit when and where your team is working and know everyone is at the right place.

Accurate, easier payroll

Send recurring payments to your facility management team based on an accurate number of hours worked.

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