An all-in-one time entry system for tracking work hours

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time entry system
Enter time online as you work or manually afterward
Track employee time and attendance with shift scheduling and automated clocking in
Track hours spent on tasks, projects, clients, and more
track work hours

How Hubstaff’s time entry system works

A smarter time entry system

Sync accounting and HR tasks with time tracking

timecard system

Timesheets that are easy for everyone

Get time and activity recaps sent to your inbox every day. Timesheets show you tracked data in daily, weekly, or calendar views and allow you to compare previous time entries. To review and approve timesheets, simply toggle to the Approvals tab in your Hubstaff dashboard. Then choose between viewing a specific timesheet, approving the time entered, or denying the entry until further edits are made.


Set and track break and time off hours

Create time off and holiday policies in Hubstaff that allow your team to submit requests and see their balances. Managers can review and approve hours within Hubstaff. You can also do the same for planned work breaks throughout the day so employees can track their breaks better.

More than just a time entry system

Over 30 integrations

Improve productivity by integrating powerful software like Slack and Zapier to automate processes across multiple platforms.


Streamline payroll by integrating PayPal, Wise, or Gusto. This way, you can make automatic payments and save time you’d spend on manual calculations.

Time reports

Track time and then see all employee hours in customizable reports. Use the data to improve workflows and your team’s productivity.

Project and hours budgets

Set budgets for projects or set specific hourly rates for your employees. When they track time, you know exactly how much of your budget is spent on what.

Time off tracking

Manage all holidays and time-off requests on one platform. Employees can log vacation days, and you can approve or deny the request from your Hubstaff dashboard.

GPS location tracking

Your mobile workforce can automatically track time and visited locations with GPS monitoring on the mobile app. Monitor routes and get notifications about late employees in real-time.

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