Guide your fleet toward growth
with Hubstaff’s GPS time clock app

Easily monitor mobile time and attendance
Track time spent driving vs. hours worked at a job site
Keep teams moving — Hubstaff runs in the background
Download on iOS and Android devices
GPS tracking
Location monitoring
Time tracking
Online timesheets
Automatic payroll
Team dashboard
Weekly limits
Advanced reporting
Manual time
Dedicated support

A powerful control center for managing your mobile team

See when and where your team is working from one dashboard
Hubstaff's time clock desktop and mobile apps make it easy to keep track of employee time on the road or on site. Sophisticated location monitoring provides clarity and peace of mind that your team will always be on track and reaching their goals.
employee website monitoring
Mobile time tracking
Track employee hours in transit
Track time at the destination
Easy to use on your mobile device (iOS and Android)
Location monitoring
Tracking through GPS
Web-based reports
See when team members clock in or out
Job costing and timesheets
Online scheduling
Mobile timesheet app
Customizable reports

Track your team's location

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Mobile time clock app built so that teams on the go can stay that way

hubstaff mobile time tracker with gps
Hubstaff’s lightweight iOS and Android GPS time tracking apps allow employees to start tracking time with a click of a button, without draining battery. Schedule hours and set reminders so that teams can worry less about tracking time and focus more on their work.

Track any fleet or mobile team

If being in transit is part of your business, Hubstaff can help you lead the way

Delivery fleet

Moving companies

Law firms


Health care

HVAC crews



Sales teams


Inspectors & assessors

Cleaning services

Pest control

detailed website tracking

Set job costing and timesheets on autopilot

Spending hours on manual budgeting and paper timesheets is a thing of the past. Set budgets or time limits with Hubstaff's mobile timesheet app, and we’ll let you know when your team is getting close to the limit.

Remove roadblocks and plan ahead with detailed reports

Optimize business operations with accurate data
When you track time using Hubstaff, that data is recorded and pulled into a variety of detailed reports. By seeing exactly how your team works, you’re better suited to estimate projects, plan routes, and grow in the future.
powerful reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

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What operating systems is the location monitoring app compatible with?
A:Hubstaff’s mobile time tracking and location monitoring is compatible with Android (4.1 or newer) and iOS (7 or newer) operating systems.
Can you monitor locations in real time?
A:Time tracked with Hubstaff’s mobile apps is uploaded to the server every five to ten minutes (depending on the quality of the phone’s connection).
How much power does the mobile app use?
A:We designed the mobile app to be as efficient as possible so it can track you and your employees’ time all day without draining your phone’s battery.

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