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Employee time tracking software with screenshots, reporting and automated payments.

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Time tracking

Available as a desktop, web, or mobile app.
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GPS tracking

See when your team’s on the road or on site.
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Online timesheets

Forget spreadsheets. Hubstaff has you covered.
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A high-level and deep dive into productivity data.
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Productivity monitoring

Track apps, URL, activity percentages, and more.
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Team scheduling

Easy online schedules and attendance tracking.
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Simple Payroll

Track time. Send invoices. Pay crews. Done.
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Create job sites. Set digital perimeters. Automatically clock in and out.
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Easy invoices

Send client invoices based on time tracked and bill rates.
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Simple, accurate work time tracking software
for growing businesses

Easy time tracking. Stress-free work monitoring. Advanced reporting.

Online timesheets you can trust

Once upon a time, you had to stop working just to record what you were working on. Now, anyone on your team can track time from pretty much any device.
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GPS time tracking

Monitor your fleet on-the-go with our easy GPS location tracking app. Explore route history and time spent in transit, as recorded through a mobile time clock.
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Customizable employee monitoring

Watch work unfold in near real-time with optional screenshots. Set random capture to once, twice, or three times per 10 minutes while the timer is running. Or, turn off the feature altogether.
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Easy app integrations

Imagine your projects, deadlines, teams, and hours recorded all in one place. Ok, now open your eyes. Ta-da! It’s Hubstaff, integrating with all your favorite work tools.

Built-in project management
for your team

Import projects or create new ones
Pull projects into Hubstaff from one of the many project management software integrations. Or, use our built-in solution, To-dos.
project management for smooth team collaboration
Delegate tasks and prioritize
Assign specific projects and focus teams on the highest priority work so your business can deliver projects on time and within budget.
easily break bigger tasks into checklist items
Tracking and productivity reporting
Track time spent on specific projects and generate reports to accurately measure profitability and improve processes.
show just the tasks that matter to specific team members

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