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Hubstaff Insights performance data
Work time targets
Set hours goals to balance workloads for your employees
Avoid false activity
Be notified if Hubstaff detects apps or URLs that are used to generate false activity
Activity timeline
20+ detailed reports for attendance, projects completed, and hours tracked

See real-time workplace Insights right from your dashboard

workforce performance insights
  1. Track time and productivity

    Have your team start tracking time on desktop, web, iOS, and Android. On your dashboard, you’ll see real-time updates for keyboard, mouse, website, and app usage.

  2. Compare to industry-specific benchmarks

    Once you’ve compiled this data, use the Activity benchmarks add-on to see how this data aligns with other Hubstaff users in your industry. See average activity, time utilization, and meetings vs. focus time. 

  3. Improve staffing decisions and retention

    Use analytics data for better workforce planning. Pull over 20+ reports to reinforce staffing, retention, and employee promotion decisions.

Catch the Highlights 

No need to dig deep and spot trends in your team’s performance. The Highlights widget identifies fluctuations in work time, activity, and more so you don’t have to. 

Cut down on meetings 

Identify and prevent excessive meetings with helpful widgets. See real-time updates and decrease meetings for improved profit margins.

Assemble your tools 

See the apps & URLs your team is using broken down into categories. Then make purchase decisions based on which tools you’re using and which you aren’t.

Stay focused

Learn to spot the difference between focused and distracted work. Then use your findings to clear blockers and help teams become more productive.

Enterprise ready

Scalable, secure setup and distribution for larger teams.

  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Concierge setup
  • Advanced reporting
  • Background timer
  • On-premise/self-hosted
  • Account provisioning
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