Jira Time Tracking

  • Track time spent on Jira issues automatically
  • View screenshots and activity levels of work done
  • Have accurate time to make paying your team simple
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Jira browser time tracking

Track time to Jira issues directly

Chrome browser time tracking

Hubstaff's Chrome extension allows you to track time to your Jira issues right from the Chrome browser on the issue. Just start the timer when you're working on the issue and stop it when you're done.

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Jira time tracking desktop app

Hubstaff's desktop app was built to automatically track time and seamlessly integrates with Jira to track time spent on issues. Install it on Windows, Macs, Linux, and Chromebooks to track exact time spent working. You can even install it on iOS and Android devices to track time to issues while on the go.

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Jira desktop timer
Issue Time Tracking
  • Track time on issues
  • Activity level percentages
  • Random screenshots
Connect Users
  • Connect all users
  • Assign your users
  • Issues automatically sync
Link Projects
  • Link each project
  • Track project time
  • Issues in Jira projects sync
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Jira issue time tracking with screenshots

Jira Issue Time Tracking and Screenshots

See randomized screenshots of the work being done on Jira issues when your team works on them. Activity levels are also calculated so you get a better idea of how your team is working. The app installs on Windows, OSX, and Linux desktop operating systems. The mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you to track time to tasks from anywhere, and the Chrome browser extension allows you to track time to your Jira issues directly from the Chrome browser.

Jira time tracking

Integrate Hubstaff with Jira for more effective issue management
Automatic syncing through API
Hubstaff syncs automatically with Jira through its API.
Track Jira Time
After assigning issues to users, they are able to track time with the push of a button.
Lightweight and Quiet
Hubstaff's app runs in the background while your team works.

Jira Issue Time Tracking Made Easy
Automatic Time Tracking, Reports, and Records

to-do time tracking
Sync Issues
Track exact time your team spends on their assigned Jira issues.
Jira project mapping
Simple Setup
Easily link your Jira and Hubstaff projects to pull down issues.
setting for manual time entries
Manual Time
Add manual time if not using the app to have it included in reports.

Accurate, Automatic Reporting

Always have records of time worked

Hubstaff automatically generates reports for you that you can filter based on your needs. See exact time spent on different projects and Jira issues, as well as activity level percentages. You can easily filter these reports by date, project, or user. You can also download, export, or email the reports.

time reporting for Jira
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