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Resolve issues efficiently with our Jira time tracking integration

Sync Jira issues with Hubstaff and track the time you spend working on each one.

Connect Hubstaff and Jira
track time to Jira issues

Track time to Jira issues directly from your browser

Get precise Jira time tracking straight from inside your browser. Seamlessly transition from issue to issue with Hubstaff’s Chrome extension.

Jira timesheets

Jira timesheets made easy

Know exactly what your team worked on and when. Hubstaff’s desktop and mobile apps pull in Jira tasks, so that accurate, streamlined timesheets are only a click away. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, and Android.

productivity tracking in Jira

Keep your team productive and on track

Constantly asking your team for updates — and then checking their output right in the middle of the day — can cause a massive hit to productivity. Hubstaff’s proof of work features make it possible to see your team’s progress without disrupting their focus.

Integrating Hubstaff and Jira is a snap

  • automatic sync
  • easy budgeting
  • smart reporting

Time tracking for Jira and so much more

Seamless integration

Track time directly to Jira issues through its API.

Activity levels

Track activity over time based on keyboard and mouse usage.

Timesheet approvals

Quickly review, approve or reject timesheets.

Intuitive apps

Available as a desktop, mobile, or web app.

Optional screenshots

Customize screen capture while time tracking.

App and URL tracking

See which apps and URLs are used.

Work faster, smarter, better with Hubstaff

Integrate Hubstaff and Jira and track time spent on each issue. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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