The construction time card app

The construction time card app

Always know where your crew is, what they are doing, and when they clocked in.

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How construction time trackingworks

Your crew
downloads the app
It will only use about 2% of battery per hour when tracking time or a location.
Track their time
& location using GPS
Workers can be automatically clocked in and out of job sites, so you always know who's working where.
Get alerts about
late workers and no-shows
Create schedules for your crew and get alerts when workers don't arrive at jobs on time.
Time cards are
built automatically
Timesheets are built based on the hours employees actually worked, so they're always accurate.

Know where everyone isand what they are doing at a moment’s glance

construction crew route tracking


See when workers enter or leave a job site

Workers will be automatically clocked in and out when they enter a job site you create on the map.

route tracking

Monitor every road they take and stop they make

See the routes workers take to each job site and know how long they spend at every stop.

How Job sites and geofencing work

How Job sites and geofencing work
get a notification if an employee misses shift

Crews know where
to go next, without needing a text

All shift details in one spot

Your workers can see when and where they work next by checking their Hubstaff construction time card app.

Powerful mobile apps

Crews can track time, check schedules, and more from Hubstaff’s Android or iOS mobile apps.

Get alerts if workers are late

If employees miss a scheduled shift or show up late, you'll get an immediate notification.
Find out more about scheduling
detailed timesheets for construction crews

timesheets save you hours of admin work

Time cards emailed daily

Detailed, GPS-based timesheets are sent to your inbox daily. No more chasing down employees for time cards or wondering if their hours are accurate.

Accurate job costing

Better understand how much time is spent on specific tasks, so you can accurately budget for labor costs.
Find out more about timesheets

Hubstaff gives you:

Quick insights

Get a handle on costs and see which jobs generate the most profit with detailed reports.

Team payments

Pay your crew accurately using Hubstaff time cards and one of our many payment integrations.

Apps for every device

Crews can track time and check-in from iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook apps.

Timesheet approvals

Review time cards for added accuracy before paying team members.

24/7 support

Get answers and 1-on-1 help when you need it.

Jobs and work orders

Create and schedule work orders and jobs in Hubstaff.

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Grayson Whitted

'A game-changer for my company'

"I can manage my crew's schedules, they can easily clock in and out, and I can see how profitable a project is at every phase."

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