Keep your crew and your projects on time

With Hubstaff’s mobile time clock for construction.

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Construction time tracking software

Accurate GPS locations of crew members

Detailed job costing reports

Notifications when crew clocks in and out

Easy to use technology

Discover why 20,000 crews use Hubstaff
The construction timesheet app that streamlines operations

As easy as turning on a time clock

A big question we get: but will my crew use it? Our answer: you bet. Simply download the iOS or Android construction time clock app, and start or stop the timer from wherever you are.
an easy-to-use construction time clock app
accurate time cards for construction crews

Simple job costing reports

Processing payroll is a breeze when 100% accurate timesheets are recorded and exported into your payroll system.

Accurate location tracking

Hubstaff uses GPS location tracking to monitor time on site. See which projects require more time and where crew members are at in real time or in a detailed report.

Our GPS location tracking is accurate up to 20 meters.

gps tracking for crew members
time and attendance software for construction workers

Automatic time cards, emailed daily

We’ll automatically send you your crew's work hours at the end of each day, including which projects and tasks were worked on or completed.

Hubstaff just works so you can, too
Features built for construction companies

Automatic alerts

Get updates sent straight to you as they happen. No need to check in.

Mobile time tracking

Available as an app for iOS and Android devices.
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Maximize profitability

Track time, project costs and budgets in one place.
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Built-in integration with accounting apps

Track time. Send invoices. Pay crews. Done.
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Timesheet approvals

Review, approve, or reject timesheets.

Shift scheduling

Manage your crew's shifts and schedule hours.
No headaches.
No need to check in.
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See what other construction companies love about Hubstaff

Grayson Whitted
CEO / EverBuild
"Hubstaff has been a game-changer for my company. I can manage my crew's schedules, they can easily clock in and out, and I can see how profitable a project is at every phase. It freed up so much of my time that Hubstaff paid for itself right away. It's just one less thing for all of us to worry about.."

Customer support, at your service

Available 24/7
Our customer support team is always a few clicks away. Send us an email or open a ticket, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.
60 Day money back policy
24/7 Customer support
30 Min average response time

Grow your business and accomplish more
For construction companies, the benefits of Hubstaff go beyond a better time card.

grow your construction business faster

Identify the star workers in your crew

Retain top performers and motivate your team by easily identifying and rewarding crew leaders.

Reduce inefficiency

When time and location is automated, there’s no need to guess at productivity and performance. Fix inefficiencies and improve operations.
increase productivity of your construction crew
timesheet features built for construction industry

Simplify the timesheet - payroll process

No more worrying if time cards are correct. With automatic time tracking, accurate reporting and payroll in place, you can streamline the way your business works.

Expand your business

With time cards and managing crews off your plate, you can identify new business, hire more people, and target bigger projects.
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improve your construction business
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