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Hubstaff’s project time tracker can optimize your workflows and save countless hours of administrative work. Whether you're a freelancer juggling clients or a project manager with a big team, our efficient project tracker makes all the difference.
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What is a project time tracker?

Time tracking project software monitors and records the time spent on tasks or projects. It helps individuals or teams track their time efficiently, enabling better resource management, project scoping, and productivity measurement. With a project timer app, users can log time, see real-time activity and project spend, generate reports summarizing time spent, and integrate with other tools for streamlined workflows.  

Benefits of using a project time tracking tool

The benefits of time tracking project management software are undeniable. Users can improve productivity, track billable hours, and improve project cost estimation by combining time and project tracking. These benefits lead to increased efficiency and, in turn, better profit margins.

Key features in a project time tracker

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Project time tracking

Our project hours tracker improves project management processes by providing a clear understanding of resource and time allocation. 

Task management

Pair time tracking with Agile project management software and track by project, client, or category. You can also integrate with Asana, Jira, and more of your favorite project management tools.

Workforce management

Optimize workload management, handle employee scheduling, and improve attendance tracking with an all-in-one workforce management tool.  

Actionable Insights

Turn your project time recording into actionable workforce insights. Our Insights add-on allows you to compare your team’s data to industry-specific benchmarks to manage staffing, utilization, resource planning, and meeting time.

Automated payroll

You can simplify team payments using time project tracking and payroll integrations. Pay local and international employees with integrated solutions like Paypal, Gusto, Wise, Bitwage, and Payoneer.  


Hubstaff offers more than project management and payroll solutions. Power up your project time tracking with 30+ integrations with tools like Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more. 

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How to track track time spent on projects with Hubstaff

  1. Download our time tracker for projects app

    Employees can download Hubstaff for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS to track their work hours. Or, use the Google Chrome extension for project hours tracking.

  2. Assess real-time data and reports

    Next, start tracking time and employee performance. Gather employee data like hours worked, website and app usage, and staffing availability. This performance management data leads to more thoughtful decision-making when planning projects and initiatives.

  3. Make data-driven decisions

    Perform data analysis for better talent management. Then use Hubstaff’s reporting features to optimize workflows on future projects. You’ll be able to increase productivity by assigning the right tasks to the right people.

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