Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Track time with the ClickUp integration

Get detailed timesheets, track progress, and keep teams on budget with Hubstaff’s ClickUp integration.

Integrate ClickUp with Hubstaff

Track time directly to ClickUp tasks

Assign ClickUp tasks to your team members and they’ll appear in Hubstaff’s desktop, mobile, and web apps. Everyone can track time as they work so you’ll get an accurate picture of how long each task takes.

track time to Clickup tasks

Stay up-to-date on tasks

The time tracked for each task will show up as a comment within ClickUp. This makes it easy to check in on budgets without having to interrupt your team for an update.

Automate timesheets

Get your team’s timesheets and the ClickUp tasks they worked on emailed to you daily. Hubstaff lets you see which tasks were worked on, calculates activity rates, and gathers apps and URLs visited. Let the timesheets come to you instead of having to chase them down.

automate timesheets
budget and estimate better with Hubstaff Clickup integration

Track budgets and estimate better

Set hours or project budgets so it’s easy to stay updated. Then, use the hours tracked to create more accurate estimates in the future. Hubstaff provides useful benchmarks for estimates, budgets, productivity, and more.

Work smarter with a powerful integration

Simple setup

An easy integration

Connect your accounts once, and you’re ready to track time directly to ClickUp tasks.

easy integration

Easy syncing

Continuous updates

Time tracked is sent to ClickUp and task updates are sent to Hubstaff on an ongoing basis. No matter which app you’re in, you’re looking at the most recent data.

detailed report

Proof of work

Productivity features

See which apps and sites your team members use while tracking time. You can also capture screenshots while the timer is running, or turn this feature off altogether.

productivity features
time and activities report

Make decisions based on your data

From the Hubstaff dashboard, you can dig into over 17 different reports that break down how your team operates and tasks get completed. Check budgets, hours spent on each task, time tracked by team members, and more so that you can make the best decisions.

What you'll get with the integration

Timesheet approvals

Timesheet approvals

Review and approve timesheets.

Project budgets

Project budgets

Set limits and track progress.

Lightweight apps

Lightweight apps

Built for all of your devices.

Accurate time tracking

Accurate time tracking

Bill clients and pay team members.
Per-user settings

Per-user settings

Customize features for each person.
Custom reports

Custom reports

Set up auto-send and save filters.

Get a better grasp on tasks

Integrate Hubstaff and ClickUp and manage projects better.
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