Replicon is one of the leading enterprise software solutions that allows large organizations to accurately track their employees’ productivity and efficiency. With multiple products that cater to specific problems, it offers business owners and managers a suite of features that can help them manage their employees better. But while Replicon offers advanced and powerful software, the need to purchase multiple application packages (and the high cost per user) has led businesses to look for alternatives to Replicon that offer the same level of information and reporting, but with a lower cost and in a more attractive package.

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Replicon overview

Replicon’s time tracking software is perfect for those who feel that they are losing track of all of the moving parts of their organization, and who want to gain a greater understanding of how things work (without having to dedicate large amounts of their time to understanding the fine details).

Replicon Alternatives - Replicon Timesheets

With Replicon TimeAttend, business owners can manage all of their employees’ timesheets, process payroll quickly and efficiently, and automate overtime policies.

Replicon TimeAttend also gives managers and employers the ability to delegate decision-making to up to 5 levels of staff, so that overtime and timesheet requests can be processed and approved by different levels of manager, rather than coming straight to top executives.

Replicon also offers TimeBill, which allows you to accurately track individual employee productivity, performance, and activity, both for individual projects and for their overall workload.

Replicon Alternatives - Replicon Screenshot

TimeBill allows you to segment your employees into teams, allocate projects, track time spent, and set budget limitations. The software also allows you to set individual billing rates for each of your employees so that your projects are accurately costed.

While Replicon offers some really advanced software products that are perfect for enterprise customers looking to gain a better overview of their organizations, the need for multiple systems and the high cost per user (TimeBill and TimeAttend cost $31/user/month combined) may be off-putting to some.

Thankfully there are fantastic alternatives to Replicon that offer the same level of insight and flexibility. Most of the tools on our list offer a free trial you can use to test out the software and see if it’s a good fit for your team.

Replicon alternatives for accurate time tracking and streamlined project management

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking and workforce management software tool. It was primarily created to help distributed and virtual teams track the performance and productivity of their workers around the world, but the software provides an excellent solution for those looking to gain a greater understanding of how their organization and employees work on a daily basis.

Replicon Alternatives - Hubstaff URL tracking

Used by more than 8,000 teams around the world, Hubstaff allows project managers and business owners the ability to track individual employee activity levels with features like mouse and keyboard activity levels, the ability to monitor what apps and websites are used and visited during the workday, and the ability to compare individual employee performance with their colleagues.

It also offers in-depth time tracking features that allow you to monitor exactly how long your employees spend working on tasks and projects, as well as set budgets and time limitations, enabling businesses to save money. This feature is supported by a visual dashboard that makes it easy to see productivity, activity, and time spent at a glance — which means that you can quickly get a handle on a project’s status without having to invest time to understand the finer details.

Hubstaff activity dashboard

Like Replicon, Hubstaff also offers payroll features that allow you to automate the process and pay employees based on their hourly rate and the amount of recorded work they have completed. Hubstaff integrates with the most popular payment service in the world, PayPal, to make the payroll process simple and effective. There are also integrations with Wise, Payoneer, and Bitwage, among others.

Pricing for Hubstaff starts at $7 per user per month.

To start using Hubstaff to track your employee’s productivity and efficiency, check out the 14-day free trial here.

2. Harvest

Replicon Alternatives - Harvest Time Tracking

Like Hubstaff, Harvest offers powerful time tracking and employee management features in an attractive and easy-to-use package. Used by more than 40,000 businesses around the world (including Amazon and Dreamworks), Harvest offers multiple applications that work on both mobile and desktop devices so that your employees are able to use the software across all of their devices.

Harvest uses dynamic data and reporting to track tasks and project progress each day, and is able to tell you exactly when projects will hit budget limits so that you can effectively and efficiently manage staff and resources. These powerful reports allow you to properly prepare for future projects meaning that any estimates you make are backed by reliable and informed data.

Replicon Alternatives - Harvest Time Tracking

Harvest also offers features for expense tracking, so you can manage and track employee expenditure at a glance and automatic invoice creation with Stripe and PayPal integrations so that you can easily accept payment.

Like Replicon, Harvest has features that allow for timesheet approval, so contractors and freelancers can always have their time requests managed by the right people.

Harvest integrates with leading applications and services, like Github, Asana, and Zendesk so that your organization doesn’t have to adapt its workflow or processes.

Pricing for Harvest ranges from free to $99/month for 10 users (plus $10 per extra user). The company also offers a free trial you can use to test out the software for 30 days.

3. Flapps

Flapps is an online time tracking app aimed at helping medium to large companies increase efficiency. It has been designed to incorporate enterprise-level features that are fully compliant with legal requirements in an easy-to-use package that is both simple to navigate and visually appealing.

Replicon Alternatives - Flapps Enterprise Time Tracking

Flapps allows you to record billable hours, employee absences, and project expenses in an online tool while at the same time offering the capability to create in-depth reports and analyze employee data.

Using tracked time and hourly rates, Flapps creates client-ready invoices and project and payroll reports so that you can dedicate more of your time to running your organization and projects.

Replicon Alternatives - Flapps Enterprise Time Tracking Dashboard

While Flapps provides an easy-to-use interface and readily accessible data, it lacks some of the more powerful features supported by other time tracking software such as screen capturing, activity monitoring, and automated payroll processing.

Pricing for Flapps ranges from $1.95 to $12.95 per user per month.

4. Mavenlink

Combining advanced project management features with in-depth time tracking, reporting, and monitoring capabilities, Mavenlink is a cloud-based project management software solution that can dramatically improve resource management and corporate efficiency for both managerial and general staff.

Replicon Alternatives - Mavenlink Dashboard and Time Tracking

Mavenlink’s project management suite of features allows you to map out project roadmaps, adjust timelines and view historic versions of timelines, and set budgets and time maximums. This is supported by accounting features that allow you to manage expenses, track timesheets, and create attractive and professional invoices.

Mavenlink also allows you to manage budgets and overall project spends in real-time so that you can gain complete control over your organization’s workload.

Replicon Alternatives - Mavenlink Time Tracking

Supporting these project management features is a powerful time tracking functionality that gives you real insight into your employees’ performance and activity. Mavenlink allows you to assign individual employees to specific tasks and then track their progress and efficiency over time.

The software helps improve team collaboration and communication by including project activity feeds that allow your workers to message and communicate about the work they are doing.

While Mavenlink does offer a wide range of features that bridge the gap between project management and time tracking as well as integrations, the majority are subject to a tiered pricing system, and a bespoke plan is required to access the full set of features. However, many key features for time tracking and project management are available on the $29/user/month plan.

5. Clarizen

Designed for enterprise and business users, Clarizen provides advanced time tracking features that let organizations like Cisco and Deloitte track efficiency and productivity across all of their departments.

Like other time tracking software, Clarizen automatically tracks employee time in the background and uploads it directly to the cloud for instant analysis. Clarizen also offers billing and invoicing capabilities, so that you can easily manage payroll and payments, as well as expense tracking and overtime pay calculations.

Clarizen - Budget and Expense Management

Clarizen supports mobile devices and has desktops and web access, so your employees can track their time on any and every device to understand how long it takes them to complete tasks.

Alongside these time tracking features, Clarizen also offers a comprehensive and centralized project management suite. This comes with fully customizable dashboards, workflows, and reports so that you can completely tailor this project management software to your individual business’ needs.

Replicon Alternatives - Clarizen Project Planning Dashboard

There is also no need to change your current systems or processes, as Clarizen integrates with cloud storage providers like Box and Google Docs, along with other apps like Salesforce, ProofHQ, QuickBooks, and more.

If you’d like to try out Clarizen, the company does offer a free trial you can use to see if the software is the right fit for your business.

Have you found a time tracking software tool to replace Replicon?

Using enterprise-specific time tracking tools can have huge benefits for your business and help teams with managing projects more effectively. Gaining a greater understanding of how your employees work each day from their activity levels to what apps they use means that you are able to streamline your organization’s processes to suit your staff.

Beyond that, the ability to collect comprehensive and accurate data about your team will help you gain a complete understanding of every element of your business, which you can then use to guide your company forward.

We hope you have been able to find a Replicon alternative that fits your team. If you’re still looking, you might want to check out our master post of time tracking software reviews, where we review all the popular time tracking tools available on the market. Have we missed any great Replicon alternative? Let us know in the comments.

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