Hubstaff time tracker appHubstaff time tracker app

Zendesk time tracking

  • Push button time tracking for Zendesk tickets
  • Screenshots, activity levels, and ticket completion
  • Automatic timesheets and reports
Integrate Zendesk with Hubstaff
Time tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Automatic payroll
Online timesheets
GPS & Location
Weekly limits
Powerful API
Advanced reporting

Desktop time tracking for Zendesk tickets

Easily manage tickets in one place
Hubstaff allows your team to pull down their assigned tickets in one place. The ticket details, updates, and due dates are all visible from the application. Once a ticket is completed, it can be solved directly from the app so your team can quickly move onto the next issue and serve your customers better.
Integrate Zendesk with Hubstaff
Zendesk desktop timer
Ticket time tracking
  • To the minute time tracking
  • Easily start and stop time
  • Quickly switch between tickets
Quick to setup
  • Authorize Zendesk
  • Link your users
  • Automatic ticket syncing
Accurate records
  • Automatic work reports
  • Customizable and exportable
  • Reliable cloud storage
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Zendesk task time tracking with screenshots

Zendesk ticket screenshots

Connect your Zendesk account with Hubstaff and you'll be able to view what your team works on with automatic and random screenshots. The app also monitors activity levels so you'll know how your team works. Your team can install Hubstaff on Windows, Linux, and Macs and have it running without interrupting their work.

Connect Hubstaff and Zendesk to manage your team and support your customers

Continuous updates
Authorize the Hubstaff integration and your team's Zendesk tickets will sync automatically.
Solve tickets
After solving an issue, your team can complete the ticket through the app. They can also choose to hide the solved tickets from view.
Simple user interface
Your team will be able to integrate Hubstaff into their workflow quickly to make customer support easier.

Smart time tracking for Zendesk tickets

zendesk ticket time tracking
All assigned tickets
Each worker can see all of their assigned tickets in the Hubstaff app.
Zendesk project mapping
Link and unlink
You can connect all of your Zendesk agents or only certain ones at any time.
setting for manual time entries
Organization settings
Change screenshot frequency, blur settings, manual time permissions, and more.

Reports for Zendesk Tickets

Detailed and customizable reports
Streamline your reporting and invoicing with Hubstaff's automatic reports. The reports are built when your team uses the app to track their time. All the time your team spends on Zendesk tickets can be easily filtered and exported or emailed to clients. You'll always have accurate records to review and refer back to.
time reporting for Zendesk
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