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time tracking integration

Accurately track the time spent on Trello tasks with Hubstaff.

Connect Hubstaff and Trello
Track time to Trello

Track time to Trello task cards

Track time with Hubstaff’s desktop, web, and mobile apps or use the Chrome extension. New Trello projects and team members automatically appear in Hubstaff as you add them. Time worked is logged in Trello tasks as soon as you stop tracking.

Easy three-step integration setup

Connect your accounts for easier time tracking.

  • Trello integration setup: Step 1
  • Trello integration setup: Step 2
  • Trello integration setup: Step 3
Hubstaff smart timesheets

See how you spend time with smarter timesheets

Hubstaff generates timesheets that show you detailed breakdowns of where your team’s time went. See if you’ve met your time estimates and assess activity rates over time. Receive your team’s timesheets daily and easily review, approve, or deny them.

Hubstaff time and activity report

Stay on top of everything with comprehensive reports

Hubstaff has a detailed and actionable time report that shows you everything you need to know about how your team works. See the total time tracked, app and URL activity, project budgets, client invoices, and more with over 17 different report formats. View notes added in Hubstaff for additional information.

More than a timer app

Immediate syncing

Trello tasks are synced with Hubstaff so you always have the most recent data.


Automate your payroll with pay rates and multiple payment platforms.

Manage work

Assign tasks so your team members know what’s on their plate.

Productivity features

See work progress as it’s happening and identify trends over time.


Bill your clients, send invoices, and accept payments.

Optional screenshots

Track your team’s progress without asking for updates.

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Hubstaff accurate data

Proof of work based on accurate data

Hubstaff has all the features you need to finally get rid of guesswork. Apps and URLs used, keyboard and mouse activity rates, and optional screenshots let you see your team’s progress in real-time. Team members have access to all of their own data, as well.

Streamline tasks with Hubstaff and Trello

Get things done and save time with Hubstaff’s Trello integration. Free for 14 days. No credit card required.

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